How to clean an acrylic bong?

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  1. So basically my glass broke and I couldn't afford a glass replacement so I've had to make do with acrylic for now. Thing is I have no idea how to clean it as I heard rubbing alcohol cracks acrylic, so are there any efficient ways without having to buy dedicated bong cleaning fluid?
  2. it's an acrylic bong, you're not supposed to clean it. it's meant to be a tie over until you can get a new real piece. buy a new one
  3. Like I stated before, I can't for another month until payday, I was not asking should I buy a new bong or not as I can't.
  4. Dishwasher?

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  5. Boiling hot water should take out enough

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  6. Well if you only need it until you can get new one, then hot soapy water is all you can do. Acrylic bongs are not meant to be long term as over time the grime will actually soak into the plastic itself. You will never get an acrylic bong completely clean.
  7. Try Simple Green. It works pretty good, like ISO, but I'm pretty sure it's not corrosive to plastic/acrylic.
  8. Boiling hot water will KILL the plastic, not to mention cook the resin into your piece. I would recommend using some cold water, bit of dish soap, and some salt. It might be a bit of a bitch, but it is safe and works! Hope this helps. When you get your chick good sir, I'd also check out this bad boy. I've had it for two months now and dropped it at least twice from chest high. Solid bastard, built to last!!!

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    This^, why didn't you just buy a spoon?

    Edit: maybe not boiling hot lol

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