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How to clean a vape whip

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 420 High Times, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I have a vaporizer w/ a whip/hose, not the bag style. My whip is getting caked w/ resin and was wondering how you guys clean them if you ever have? B/c I can slowly see my hits are getting worse and worse and I think its b/c its dirty.
  2. Scrape it out with a straw.Let it dry out and smoke it.
  3. Maybe a pipe cleaner?
  4. pour some ISO alcohol in it, shake it around until it's clean, then rinse.

    some people will take the alcohol/wand resin solution and pour it on a plate, let dry, scrape and smoke.

  5. do this. gets you ripped.

  6. Ehh dont think I want to smoke resin but i think im just gunna use alcohol and clean it like a pipe
  7. well the thing with a vape is that it's not actually resin, it's just condensed vapor, only active ingredients, not tar and nasty stuff.

    but really you could toss it. some people just like to use everything they can.
  8. you realise that the "resin" on vape tubes is really just straight hash, that will get you incredibly high.

  9. ^
    notice how the vape 'resin' is a nice golden colour, or brownish? other resin is nasty ass black
  10. I read over on Fuck Combustion about a guy that simply tied a string or cord to a disk (can't remember what he actually used) that was nearly the same diameter as the whip tube and simply put it in one end and pulled in through using the string. Wiped it clean in one full slate.
  11. yeah dude do not throw that out. thats hash or hash oil. its just condensed vapor that didnt make it to your mouth. that stuff will blow your mind :D

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