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How to clean a vape pen?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by BWhite, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I got my vape pen about 2 weeks ago and after a gram of wax it is real dirty on the inside. The atomizer is super gunky, the whole thing too. Even the inside of the mouth piece is gunky I'm guessing from reclaim or something like that. But how do u clean your pen? I wanted to ask because I would hate to ruin my new cloud !! She's my baby lol
  2. Sounds like the glass globe and dab nail has got a lot of resin on it. You have 1 of 2 options.
    1. Buy Cotton Swabs, ISO Alcohol 90%^,then dab the cotton swabs in the alcohol and start rubbing the resin away. Once the cotton swab is covered in resin, use other side or grab another one. Repeat until dab nail and globe look new. Then let it dry out. Not sure on the drying time as I did option 2.
    2. Buy a new dab nail and clean out the old glass globe.
  3. Those are instructions for a different kind of pen :x. For a cloud pen, just hold it upside down over a sink or something and press the button for about 10 or so seconds take your finger off for a few seconds, and repeat a few times. then scrape the walls but NOT THE PART WHERE IT HEATS UP. 
    happy vaping!:)
    thanks i tried that on monday and it burnt my atomizer out  :cry: it ok tho i got one the next day along with some other goodies. from now on ill do what u suggested ill just take longer breaks in between heating it up
  5. Sad to hear the cloud has problems like that I was planning on getting one ....
  6. clouds are great. you just have to use good wax and clean them every few bowls
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    Yea I think the last batching wax I had was kinda subpar. This wax is better tho ill see how this is. I'm still experimenting to see what type of wax works best

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