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how to clean a grinder

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by itzjonny, May 12, 2006.

  1. i was wondering whats the best way to clean a grinder. im thinking you just let it sit in rubbing alcohol?
  2. Yup. Throw a lil bit of salt in there, shake it around, rinse w/ hot water. repeat as necessary.
  3. i'm going with lebowski's post.

    but seriously, why are you cleaning a grinder?

    anything that is "dirtying" up the grinder will get you high.

    i have never cleaned my grinder, but i have used a train card to scrape all of the kief out of all the nooks. but i've never cleaned it with alcohol, don't see a reson to.

    i have a metal keif grinder, fyi.
  4. yea i gotta metal grinder too, and i always just scrape anything out of it (or of it) and smoke that shit up with some bud
  5. Maybe he wants to travel w/ it

    It aint "parephenalia" if theres nothin illegal in it.
  6. Exactly what I do. I've never cleaned my SweetLeaf. I scrape tons of keif out. All from different strains, so it totally fucks you up in times of need. :smoking:

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