How to clean a grinder

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  1. I got a grinder that is loaded with weed residue inside, and its making to close to impossible to turn.. whats the best method to get this thing to look brand new again?
  2. put it in a ziploc with rubbing alc. and salt
  3. sea salt or table salt?
  4. are you kidding? clean it the same you you clean a piece. iso and epsoms salt... any abraisive works.
  5. Before you do that, you might want to try popping that thing in to the freezer for 10-15 minutes, then, if it's got a kief catcher, just bang the whole kit on a table or something solid a few times. If It doesn't have a kief catcher than you should bang each half on a piece of paper. When I do this with my spacecase (with kief catcher) and my grinder is dirty enough, I can usually get a pretty nice amount of kief.
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  6. This isn't exactly a "seasoned toker" question...
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  7. And thats not exactly a seasoned toker hairdoo... :eek:

    Just kidding dude... I saw that people have been giving you shit for it so i figured id fuck with you a little bit.

    It may not be a seasoned toker question, but its definitely a seasoned grinder, so no big deal, ya dig?
  8. i know u said just kidding but people gotta stop givin this dude shit for his hair, or he should take down the pic and that would solve everything.
  9. I just clean out the screw parts by taking a playing card or something similar and scraping the kief, that prevents screwing the grinder together, into the catch.
  10. a qtip dipped in iso works best for me.
  11. no no no, the pic must stay
  12. pour some hot water from the kettel into a large mug drop your grinder in there and stir it, trust me i do it every month or so.
  13. thats just what i was thinking.
  14. ahaahhahah thats funny as shit
  15. Clean it using a swiss army knife, a business card and a peice of paper and get all the little bits and keif and crystals and pollen out then smoke it... You'll get fucked what i do
  16. This is an awesome and simple way to clean a grinder. I left mine in the freezer for twenty minutes and got a rediculous amount of keif that fell to the bottom. This way you dont loose any keif to iso or a q-tip.
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  17. Where do you guys store your keif? I have a bunch in my kief catcher but im thinking there should be a way to save that and maybe turn it into hash
  18. Darkyet, check out a thrift store or a local discount store for some of the smaller mason jars. Good way to store kief if you don't want to keep it in the grinder itself. Avoid plastic bags for kief or hash.

    For cleaning ... besides the mentions of freezer & the standard alcohol/salt mix use a razor blade to scrape out any excess in the top layer, run it over the screen to help kick kief out, and use it to pile your kief up in the bottom tray before you sprinkle it over your blunt or on top of your bowl. :smoking:

    Beware... friends might think you're doing coke when they see you scraping up grinded weed into a small pile.

  19. just use a new tooth brush, works like a dream. :smoke:

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