How To Clean A Dry Piece?

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    My bowl that i use daily is pretty gunky with resin. I am boiling a pot of water on the stove and was going to set it in and let it boil for a little bit, then dry it off. Sound okay?
    Any other suggestions?
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  2. By resin do you mean tar?
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    DO NOT BOIL GLASS PIPES or pipes in general. Seriously unless you want to risk cracked glass. I just cleaned my bong and dry pipes this morning. The Absolute best method of cleaning in my opinion is 90% isopropyl alcohol (first aid) and coarse or rock salt. You can get these things at Rite aid or walmart. It will cost you less than 5 dollars total. Its EXTREMELY EASY My bong looks brand new right now. If you shake the bag for long enough and put some time in it will look like you just bought a new pipe every time. Its been a year of multiple bong bowls everyday so No matter how dirty it will work but take longer. Oh yeah, don't smoke resin. IF you even think about it take a T break and wait till you can afford bud.
  4. I use hot water and dishwashing liquid and a bottle brush or pipe cleaner.
  5. no. by  resin i mean resin.
  6. Extreme temp changes can crack glass. But either rubbing alcohol and salt or vinegar and baking soda
  7. Technically hash is resin man, resin doesn't actually contain much "resin" mostly tar. I think that's what he was getting at

    On topic DO NOT boil your pipe, you will fuck up the pot you use with all the gunk and your pipe won't be more than halfway clean. Waste of time and effort just get isopropyl alcohol
  8. put the pipe in the water before you start heating it so it heats up at the same rate and doesn't explode when you try to drop a cold pipe in boiling water. also, put some salt in there. microwave works better than stove
  9. Scrape the resin out of the bowl part, save to smoke. Then put in a bag with alcohol and salt and shake for a couple minutes. Might need to be twice.
  10. ewww!
    I'm no fiend.
    Thank you everyone i got it cleaned. Boiled it in a pot of water on the stove with some salt. Then brought it to the sink and q-tipped it and rinsed with hot water to get any access salt off.
    Boiling a dry piece is fine as long as you fill the pot up with water, put the piece in before it starts boiling. And start it at low on boil and gradually increase temp. If you put the piece in a boiling pot the sudden temp. change will crack it.
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    Use Simple Green Concentrate. You can get a jug at wal mart for 9 bucks and you can re use it over and over and over.
    Also it doesn't matter if you put it in before it's boiling the extreme heat can cause any air trapped inside the glass to expand and blow your fucking piece up.
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  12. Remove, Rinse And Dry. If your pipe is clean enough for use, simply remove it from the bag and wash it in warm, soapy water. That is according to our ménage experts.

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