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  1. • 2'x2'x4' grow tent.

    • GH flora series + CalMag

    • Currently 3 - CFLs (doing well so far)

    ~ my question, I want to switch over to grow lights for when it's time for flowering. I have 3 little 7W LED grow lights and was wondering if those are anywhere near strong enough to grow 2 plants (I know I feel like I'm ridiculous for even considering it.) or should I invest in like a 300w or 500w LED grow light?

    **first picture is my current 7W led. Second light is what I'm considering to purchase.

    Thoughts and help?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. You only need to be flowering one plant in a 2x2.... are they bagseeds or fem? Also I'd suggest one or two mars hydro 300's for that space... 65 dollars each 135W each.2PCS Mars Hydro 300W Led Grow Lights Full Spectrum Hydroponic Veg Flower Plant | eBay Or if you go on mars hydros website they have their newer lights on sale.. a reflector 96 unit would work well... use marshydro as a promo code when checking out of you do get it...

    Spending 40 on a noname LED is going to be a huge waste. Spend the extra 25 for a more known light at the very least. Also is smell going to be an issue? What type of ventilation do you have? Really gonna regret not getting a 5 or 6 foot tent come a the first grow lol.

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  3. Thanks for the info! Very helpful. But yea, I'm a first time grower, not looking for a super lot right off the bat. I didn't want to invest so much Right away so I been finding low costs equipment just to get my feet wet and learn on the go. As far as ventilation, (lol) I have a fan blowing in from the bottom and I have the top opened for the air to escape. I read something about laundry filters work? Not too sure. But it's in my (apt) bedroom where the apt temp is set to 72 degrees so pretty cool in general.
  4. one is auto gem northern light and The other is auto fem Thunder Haze
  5. You are definitely going to need a carbon filter in flower. If you aren't allowed to grow that is... the neighbors will smell it in late flower if you don't... you need a proper outtake fan as well... a 4" inline and a 4" ipower carbon filter would give you proper ventilation and eliminate the smell being vented out.. the inline can be found for around 20-30 bucks on eBay and the filter for under 40. It is a requirement though or I would be willing to bet you'd have to throw them out whenever the smell starts to get bad there is no waiting for a filter to ship to you lol.

    And my advice with the autos is to run them 20/4 all their lives and be easy on the nutes very easy.

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  6. I never recommend Mars.. but if I had to pick between that and a no-name brand.. I'd have to agree.
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  7. I'm still open for options so if you have any info on what's working for you (cost efficiency). Let me know! Thank you
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  8. So would you recommend I buy a good light first since the smell seems to come around heavier later in flowering? I also ran across this combo, I don't have a that small of a fan that would hook up correctly so i will need to have that purchased too. So how do you feel about this? Or should I find better (in a reasonable price) if I keep looking around?

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  9. You'll really want the inline fan sooner rather than later even though the filter can wait... I don't recommend booster fans for the outtake because once hooked up to the filter you'd be surprised how little airflow there is.. you'll want something like this iPower 4" 6" 8" inch Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter Ducting Combo HPS Grow | eBay I use ipower and have no complaints... completely eliminates the smell of 1-2 insanely stinky plants. I tried using a booster fan with my filter last grow... it didn't exhaust fast enough to do anything. The combo I listed may be 20 bucks more but I promise it's worth that x1000 when it comes down to it. I was just reading a journal of a guy who had to toss his plant this morning because his DIY carbon filter wasn't helping enough.

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