How to choose LED Grow lights? Help!

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  1. Hey y'all!

    So, I'm thinking about trying out these LED grow lights. Sick of my power bills sky-high and I wanna switch it up. Plus, I hear there are other benefits like cooler grow rooms and saving space, and I'm all about that.

    Problem is, I'm clueless when it comes to lighting. So if any of y'all can give me the lowdown on whether or not to go ahead and buy one of these - I'd really appreciate it.

    My grow room is 'bout 1mx1m and I'm gonna be growing a single autoflower using DWC. Also, if anyone's got any general LED tips, hit me up!

  2. I would not buy those lights.

    If you're in NZ, maybe try Alibaba's Kingbrite for top notch LEDs.
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  3. They don't list a wattage for the lights, but I'd bet from the pics
    that they're woefully inadequate to grow even one plant.

    Find a better light in my opinion.
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  4. Think about the space in the flower
    Room you want to use( don't want light above a fan) or maybe in the corners etc
    I use house hold bulbs in bulb holder. You could could use 16x 13w (4×4)
    Do a square grid, space the bulbs out every 16cm, keep the light fixing 12" above the plant, cut the defuser off, try not to touch the leds, there not coated.
    This setup is very effective and it's very cheap to build, fix and it will last years
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  5. Those style lights are decent for lower energy plants like many house plants. Cannabis is a race car though, needs tons of light to grow up to its potential.
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  6. Could you tell this plant 20230406_064830.jpg
    About 10 days in flower 12/12
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  7. Small spaces suck, I can barely fit myself in one lol. A good reflective mylar or whatev go a long way to aid a weak light, & ventilation/temp are critical to good growth. In that space +1 on only 1 plant & LED. :thumbsup: I always wanted to try just 1 plant & go nuts with it. I don't know :poop: about lights. (I only have 3 so far)
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  8. got a few of these, agents down your way, check the page great info

    understand DLI etc before you buy imo
    good luck
  9. there are a lot of choices. i would search the review videos through youtube. check out the "led grow light" key word there.
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    LED grow lights are definitely a solid choice for small spaces like yours. They're energy-efficient, produce less heat, and are great for managing power bills. For a 1mx1m area, you'd want to look for a light with enough coverage and intensity for your plant's growth stage.

    General tips include ensuring you have adjustable intensity for different growth stages and ensuring your setup allows for proper light distribution. For more detailed info check out It could be useful; their articles helped me to find a perfect balance with my LEDs.

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