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    In this guide, I will explain and show you how to make an effective carbon scrubber, using easily available and cheap materials. We will be building this filter to accommodate a 4" air duct.

    First lets start with our materials.


    Flathead Scewdriver
    Can Opener

    46 fl. OZ can of fruit juice
    Duct Tape
    Panty Hose
    6"x6" Aluminum screen
    Container of activated carbon (pet aisle)
    Duct Clamp

    Now that we have our materials in our workspace, let's begin.

    We start by opening the can of juice. Pour it in another container or drink it, because you don't want to waste it. Then open the other side, rinse out, and remove the label. You should have something like this...


    Our next step is to cut the square of aluminum screen using our scissors. Cut the corners to make the square a circle. Once this is done, secure the screen to the bottom of the filter using duct tape. This prevents any sagging from the panty hose.


    The next step is to secure the panty hose to the filter using duct tape. This prevents any charcoal debris from spilling out of the filter. It should resemble this...


    Now, after rinsing our charcoal, we pour it into the filter.


    Once this is done, we can secure our filter to our exhaust vent using the duct clamp. Just place it around the device in a snug spot and tighten it with the screwdriver. Make sure it's on there good, or the filter might fall off.



    This filter can be produced for very cheap, less than 30 dollars. It's MUCH more effective than other scrubbers using carbon air filters. Do yourself a favor and make it as stealthy as possible... No smell, no questions.

    And remember to change your carbon every 3 months!
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  2. wow.
    how long have you been runnin this setup? it looks like it would work no problem.
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  3. Just installed it last week, I noticed instant results.

    Oh and one more thing, you don't need to pour the whole container in there - just make sure it's a couple inches deep. Anything more will restrict airflow.
  4. VERY VERY nice. i would add more rep but already did from your drying/cure section. your hella helpful bro
  5. very nice i also enjoy your poster saying to vote yes on prop 1
  6. Thanks bro! I'd like to make this place as helpful as possible. :wave:

    Haha yeah man. If it passes I'll be a caretaker for a few people - so I'm looking forward to growing LEGAL buds! :hello:
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    WOW, it wouldn't work for everyone, but for ductwork, I don't think I've seen a cheaper / easier / cleaner solution.

    I'm curious to see how long such a small amount of carbon will last (it seems like a small amt to me, though I haven't used carbon yet).

    I was going to wait until you ran it for a while to say how much I like it but hell, even if it didn't last the whole 3 months it'd be a snap to recharge it or just swap it out for another!

    :hello:Definitely +Rep. Please keep us up-to-date on the lasting power!

  8. I only had to fill it a couple inches. That left me with about 2/3 of the carbon container left.

    $5.36 for 3 changes isn't too shabby.

    I'll keep you posted on how long it takes until I need to change it.
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    What type of fan are you using for this scrubber? inline? cfm? Thanks.
  10. 4" Inline Duct Fan rated at 80 CFM.
  11. Great tutorial, have you seen the one on these boards that pulls air from the sides rather than forcing it through? which do you think would be more effective?

    Also, perhaps putting the fan at the end of the filter would be more efficient?

    (easier to pull air than to pull)

    good work though! :wave:
  12. The other design I've seen is also quite good, and seemed to have a bit more surface area which could arguably make it more "effective."
    Carbon for carbon, the one with more surface area would also probably run out faster. It would however, allow for a little more airflow, I believe.

    Everything's tit for tat in the growing game. I gave nugglord +rep for this design because of how easy it would be to change out the carbon. I could imagine someone really getting into trouble because they realize too late in their grow they need to change their carbon and are too busy. Plus I'd freak for every second there wasn't a filter on my grow.
    That's why if I went with the other design I'd build 2, that way I could swap it out in a snap and refill the first at my leisure.

    These are all just my opinions of course.
  13. Whats the volume of your grow space if you dont mind me asking?
  14. you can also make one of these by building a fire and burning logs until they are black, pulling them out of the fire and scraping off the black activated charcoal from the logs. THen grind the charcoal up and then its the same set up.
  15. I think this is a great idea and all, but why have the aluminem screen inside the pinaple container? It doesnt seem to serve a purpose. The charcoal is still being filtered through the pantihose.

    Idk maybe i just dont understand what you mean,

    Either way this is a great idea.
  16. To answer your first question, yes - I've seen them. I'd be willing to say that the side filters might work a little better. This was sort of an experiment - but it worked out quite well and will give other filters a run for their money.

    Second question - I'm sure you could, but I put my fan there for convenience. Still pushes out air, so...

    Yup, thanks for the +rep, and yes it's a snap to change the carbon.

    This is a picture with the specs.

    20" Tall x 15" Wide x 24" Long
    168 Watts Warm White CFL
    4" inline duct fan with DIY carbon filter

    It's the flower box for my Micro SOG. I can pump out 3/4 oz on average every two weeks. Perfect for my personal stash.

    You probably could, but that seems a bit labor intensive. Just buy the container at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks, and you'll be set for a few changes. If anyone asks - it's for your aquarium.

    Oh the screen is there to prevent the panty hose from sagging. The weight of the carbon will cause the panty hose to stretch - this leaves the air escaping from the sides and not through the carbon. Panty hose are a finer mesh to keep dust and smaller carbon pieces from falling through.
  17. Nugglord, +rep for sure! I'll be making one of these for my system without a doubt.. lol. Thanks again for posting!

  18. The Screen Prevents the Carbon from dropping the nylon down. Gives it support. I built the same Scrubber. Hope It works when My Plant Matures!!!
  19. Great thread. Thanks :) Going to try these out..

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