How-To: Cheap CFL Soda Can Reflectors

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    Hey Guys,
    So after alot of great comments on my CFL reflectors, I decided to put up a step by step how to on turning a Soda can into a reflector. Please be very careful, soda cans ARE razor thin metal and CAN cut you.

    You will need a CFL Bulb, Soda Can, and a pair of Household Scissors.

    Remove the can top.

    Cut out the top of the can around the inner outline.

    All the way around.

    Your can should now look like this.

    Make a slit in the side of the can to be able to start cutting.

    Cut out a small triangle towards the top of the can to make working with the metal easier.

    Something like this.

    Cut along the top brim, DO NOT cut all the way around, just the part you are removing for the reflector.

    Starting to look like something, eh? :)

    Now cut the same space out alont the bottom brim.

    Also on the bottom of the can, cut out the circle in the middle.

    Almost Done :D

    Make a slit in the top brim to form a clamp.

    All Done :hello:

    Installing the Reflector is quite easy, you will need a CFL bulb (100 Watt Pictured) and your newly made reflector.

    Just snap the reflector onto the bottom white base of the bulb.

    Adjust so the clamp sits around the base and there is a little room between the reflector and the bulb itself.

    Finished, Fine Lookin Things Arent They? :p

    Now Im gonna go smoke a bowl after this long project of editing and posting, hope this helps you guys
  2. haha nice im always a fan of ghetto handiwork
  3. nice ghetto fabrication, cant beat it
  4. +rep

    Great idea, I'll definently be using this.:hello:
  5. looks great mate when do you get the light bulb holders (1 into 2 thing) from?

  6. home depot 57 cents a piece :D
  7. i thought it would be some where like that. i just can't find them over here in the uk. i have checked a number of store's plus ebay but still no luck.
  8. Nice, I just made a slightly more complicated CFL reflector, improvised from some directions I found over at another forum.

    PVC tubing as a structure with a display board, mylar'd placed over it. The light sockets are wired into one plug. It contains 6 light sockets with two switches, a main switch controlling all power, and another controlling the power to the socket to the UV-B bulb. The main power swtich has to be on for the UV-B bulb switch to power on as well, as a fail safe so the plants can't get only UV-B light ever. Then placed a sheet of 1/2" plexiglass on the bottom and taped up all leaks I could see. Cut out a 4" hole on each side for ventalation, planning to run ducting and fans to it. Materials cost about $70 and took about 3 hours to build, wire, and test.

    Overall, I say its pretty beasty. If I could have used brushed aluminum instead of a cardboard display board for the reflector, It would almost look like something sold in stores.
  9. great contribution!!! +rep for sure
    i was thinking of how i could install reflectors and still use the bulb splitters
    your a god among men... thanx for the contridubtion man
  10. +rep I'm a fan of the DiY kinda stuff and this is definately worth the extra little time. Great post.
  11. hey thanks guys :D

    I also picked up a can of heat-resistant paint (black color) and im gonna paint the outside of the reflectors to give it a nicer appeal :p
  12. Niceeee! i just finished up my first grow and im about to start another one in a small box i constructed in my closet and ill DEFINATLEY be using this idea!

  13. I can forward you some if you pay shipping >.>

  14. Remember when using CFL UV-B bulbs much of the UV light is absorbed into any lens both plexi or glass because their not that strong,look on forums for people who raise bearded dragons and such. Really should not need to cool CFL, proly loosing much from all the bulbs with any lens on CFLs.Wow 1/2" thick!!

  15. yeah i agree, the whole point of me using CFLs over standard halogen tubes was the fact that CFLs produce very little heat. And I would rather have a ghetto fabrication of a reflector than a light-enclosure-type setup with a lens, personal preference though that whole idea sounds cool for more of a commercial build.
  16. Going to use this right now!!!
  17. Me too!!! Great Idea!! Just finished cutting my mountain dew can :)
  18. The hardest part of doing this is taking the top off...using a can opener is much easier than scissors.
  19. if cans are made out of the same stuff as aluminum foil then that thing is no good. Its just as bad as using aluminum foil for a reflector.
  20. well I've seen people from scandinavia giving me this same idea.
    Dont seem so bad, besides what kind of reflecting material could you use on so small lamps?
    Atleast some of the Lumen gets attentioned at the plants :)

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