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how to cancel my MMJ Card??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by thekey2, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I got a medical marijuana card about two months ago, and while its a good, i just can't have it anymore because of it not allowing me to exercise my second amendment which is more important than obtaining my medicine semi legally. Anyways, i would like to know how and if i can cancel it this. I was hoping to buy a gun in the near to soon future, and was wondering if anyone knows how one might go about canceling it? I've looked on google but i haven't had too much luck.. it just shows websites for getting your card lol :eek: Any information would be help full

  2. I would call the state registry and ask. They would have the records there, and likely know how to revoke the paperwork
  3. You getting rid of your license to get a gun... lol.
  4. Yeah. Ironic he'll need the extra safety to go buy his meds now. :rolleyes:
  5. Why would u do such a thing? Especially at this time
    Guns are becoming illegal now because the president exaggerates too much. I would just keep the mmj card

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  6. So you'd rather use weed illegally and have a legal gun than the opposite? Which would be worse, penalty wise, if you're caught?

    Not being a wise ass, just not familiar with your laws......
  7. The mmj card wont show up on your background check for a gun.

    Wether you have a mmj card or not you are still possesing a firearm illegally since you have to check a box on the form that says you arnt addicted to illegal drugs.
  8. Is a medical marijuana recommendation the same as a medical card ?
  9. I have many firearms, I live in San Diego county in California. I'm am also a med patient. It doesn't show up on background searches.
  10. Yea i know a couple of people who got a gun with a medical card
  11. So he should use weed legally and have an illegal gun? I think he would end up worse off penalty wise, especially in the UK. Slap on the wrist for a bag of haze but 7 YEARS Bummed by deebo for a skeng
  12. What guns u got? :D
  13. Pretty sure what he is saying is that he wants a concealed weapons permit. In Michigan you cannot get your carry permit if you have a mmj card..... But you can still go out anew buy guns just fine and dandy
  14. Second time saying this now. It disnt matter if you have a mmj card or not. Feds consider weed illegal so if you smoke weed medically or not medically you are breaking federal gun laws by being addicted to a controled substance.
  15. Fair play to them, ur all abit gun happy really. Atleast we know wen the guns come out its not ur average day lol

  16. In michigan you can not own a gun to my knowledge, with having a mmj card. On the sheet it asks you , and yes its supposedly true that you can lie and they can't check, however if they do find out( which I'm sure they can) then thats a felony... Im not sure what ill do.
  17. I just got my mmj card 3 weeks ago and it no where asked me if i own a gun. I do believe it asked if you had a concealed weapons permit ::confused::
  18. I'm in Ct and they actually accepted my pistol permit as a form if ID to get my Mmj card. I've even renewed my Permit since I got my MMJ card. No trouble here.

    Our forms for buying pistols and rifles asks if your addicted to ILLEGAL drugs. I have a legal license for medication. I check no and also sign at the bottom that to my best knowledge every statement is truthful because it is as I understand it to be.

    As long a I am not under the influence while carrying there really shouldn't be any issue. No different that taking legal pain killers or drinking alchohol. Use common sense and discretion.
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    As others have said. Even if you have your gun legally, possessing a fire arm at the same time as being under the influence of illegal drugs is against federal law and if they want you, they will arrest you for it.

    Here is a news clip about a Guy in the metro Knoxville area who was charged by the feds not too long ago. It was two brothers that got off for killing two local cops. The feds staked them out, put a hidden camera across from the house and waited until they caught them doing something. When busted one was carrying guns on his four wheeler and admitted he was high. He is the one arrested for possession while under the influence.


    If you have both pot and guns, and they want to charge you with gun charges then they can do so. Having a permit for neither makes it any less severe if they want to screw you.
  20. This was physically painful to read

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