how to buy a dog: where, breed recommendations, etc?

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  1. Hey guys, I want a dog. Enough time has passed since my family dog passed away, and I'm ready for a dog of my own. I live in an apartment. I'm a dude, but my penis is of above average length, therefore small dogs are fine. Shedding blows ass, as you know.

    Recommendations on breed and where to get a dog would be appreciated. I like bichon's, but they are expensive. Is it really a big deal to get a purebred dog? Doesn't every breed have it's health disadvantages?

  2. Living in an apartment one thing I can suggest against is getting any kind of working breed dog, such as an american pit bull terrier, any terrier in general, any pinscher, etc, or any breed that needs a lot of exercise.

    If my dog does not get 90 minutes-2 hours of exercise each day (and i don't mean walk around the block, I mean chasing the flirt pole, swimming, etc) he starts getting very restless and will do laps around my house knocking over lamps, tables, etc in their path lol.

    As to dogs being expensive, try going to your local animal shelter, you can get the dog free of charge you will have to pay 150 or so for the dog to be checked out and neutered/spaded, but in comparison the price is very low.

    Only down side of this method is you won't be 100% sure what breed you are getting, can easily be a mix, a breed my mom was told was a lab ended up being a pit bull terrier, so it is a game of chance in a way, its harder to tell the breed when the dog is a puppy.

    Good luck man and enjoy your new buddy.
  3. Go adopt a dog from the humane society. It's about $100 and it has all its shots, tags, and everything. You won't be getting a purebred or anything, but most pure breeds have problems from all the inbreeding anyway. I got my dog from the humane society and she is one of the best dogs I've ever had. I knew right when I saw her there that she was the dog for me.
  4. yea please try to adopt first.

    i doubt you can check out a few shelters without picking one out.
  5. Boxers are awesome! and I always had / loved pitbulls but as someone else mentioned they need some room, as do all dogs really.

    But boxers are super loyal, but a bit gassy, heh.
  6. Like others have said, check out the shelters first.
  7. If possible don't support the breeders, too many are in it solely for the money. I adopted a 1y/o newfoundland/st.bernard he is awesome!!! cost around $100 and they even do the micro chip.
  8. Yeah mutts rock. Also check your local classified ads. A lot of times people's situations change and they need to find a good home for a great pet they're not able to care for anymore. For an apartment you obviously want a smaller dog but be aware that a lot of small dogs can be real yappity. As far as shedding goes, my experience is that all dogs shed regardless of breed, especially in the spring when they lose their winter coat. Your best bet is to find something easy to groom, keep it clean and brush it out regularly.
  9. Like others have said, get your pets from the shelter, because odds are if you don't personally know the breeder the puppy you buy came from a puppy mill (and if you don't know how horrible they are get informed about it).
  10. Also check Craigslist.
  11. get a shitzu lol, i have one
  12. get a bullshit!
  13. I would recommend trying to obtain a Mutt.

    Less prone to disease and illness, their life expectancy is superior and they're far more cheaper in general as opposed to pure breads.

    Pure breads are just for show, IMO.
    I really see no benefit to having them if you just want a house pet.
    Just my opinion on the matter.
  14. Thanks guys. This might sound silly but the only thing I worry about is my plants. I can foresee some crazy ass puppy knocking into my tent while I'm gone and starting a fucking house fire.

    Maybe I should cage them while I'm gone. Fuck that seems cruel.
  15. lol, couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic :smoking: but a shitzu is a real breed of dogs
  16. If you're getting a puppy, you absolutely need to crate train him otherwise you'll be cleaning up a huge mess every day when you get home. It's also safer for him. Once he's used to it, he'll actually enjoy being in there and will probably want to sleep there every night. Lots of good info on the net about crate training and it's advantages. But a puppy might not be your best choice if you're going to be gone long hours on a daily basis.
  17. hahah i know man:smoking: its from dumb and dumber i think idk, what do you get when you mix and pitbull and a shitzu?

    but yeah dude defiinitely crate train them. both of my dogs are. ones a american bulldog/german shepperd and the other is a chow/golden retriever and husky. they both eat in there and are in there whenever we're gone for long amounts of time. my bulldog/shepp mix is not even a yr old yet. he was probably pretty much potty trained by 5,6 months, i mean he still poops and pees if you leave him out and dont take him out. but hes pretty good about it

  18. Idk man, I have a miniature dachshund and we tried crate training her when she was 4 or 5. She couldn't stand it. She actually would unlock it with her noes, cutting into it enough that she has two deep scarred cuts across her snout. Maybe we were too late since she was already matured, but she couldn't stand it.

    As my recommendation, dachshund. I have a black and brown one named mickey and I love her. Easy to handle, doesn't really shed [you can only see hair on white shirts] and very upbeat happy personality, likes to play allot but can also relax. The breed has problems with their backs though. She also listens only half the time, probably because of poor upbringing since I was nine when we got her.

  19. acutally this isint true, my boyfriends brother works at the humane society and we actually took a tour of it a few weeks ago, he said taht 75% of the dogs that come in are pure breed dogs, but ony like 14% get adopted or something

    srsly OP just go too the humane society, and look at all the dogs that need homes, and if you dont find one you like THEN maybe look online or something, theres way too many dogs out there that need homes, i got all my dogs (minus one, witch i got as a gift) from the shelter ever since i was little (im 21 now) and ive loved all of them they have all been great dogs.
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    I don't care where you get it but you must get a siberian husky. Fuck a pitbull, fuck a german shepperd, fuck ankle biters and fuck a bullshit. This bad ass motherfucker right here will make you feel safe and secure always. Nobody messes with a dog that resembles satan himself. Motherfucker.


    They're also fucking adorable when they're babies.

    Weed? Fuck that! I only smoke crack, bitch!

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