how to build some muscle?

Discussion in 'General' started by gojeero420, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. high everyone, heres my dilemma- i dont want to spend lots of money on wait lifting sets, but i really want to build some muscle on my skinny body. last night i started doing push ups and curl ups, im going to do them every morning and night. what else can i do around the house that builds muscle? maybe i could use gallon jugs of water for weights, i dunno, do you have any suggestions?
  2. hahah same here. I used to not give a damn about muscles and weight lifting. But im trying to gain some weight and get a lil more meat. I dont want to be cut....just thicker and leaner.
  3. i just want to have a good body for my girl ;)
  4. eat more protein i.e. redmeat(lean), chicken; stay away from sugar. and excercise, cardio vascular is really the best way to go. it isn't the whole big and buff thing it is more just being in good shape and having lots of stamina. go for lots of hikes, or run, if you live in dorms use the stairs

  5. if you want to lose mass.

    high intensity, heavy load, good food= big muscles

    try for 150g of protien and like 200-250g of complex carbs a day.. pasta, chicken, meat, potatoes.. that kind of shit

    and look up some excercises on google or something.. i do situps, chinups, pushups, towel pulls, and then work my forearms with a 20lb
  6. do alot of different kinds of push-ups...thats what i do, get a whole upper-body work out.

    First do regular ones, about 10 of em or so.

    Then do 10 with palms facing out

    10 with palms facing in

    10 with your hands in a diamond shape, thumb touchin thumb, pointer finger touching pointer finger.

    then do 10 with your feet up against the wall and pushing up with your arms.

    If ya cant do all that start out with like 5 of each, thats how I got my upper-body strength n such. that n just buy a 10 dollar 20 pound weight to curl, that helps out biceps quite a bit..
  7. I try to work my forearms occasionally(alright, I do it a lot), although my right one seems to be a lot bigger than the left. Wait, you want to do this for a girlfriend so you won't have to jerk off so much, my bad. I'd say the guys here already have it pretty much rapped up. Do what they've suggested, and don't puss out like I always do.
  8. Buy dumbbells and some weights, you can buy more weights when you need it so dont get everything right away. Or if you have time to go out, get a membership at a gym.
  9. Just go to a garage sale and pick up like a $40 bench and bar set w/ weights. Thats what i did and it worked good until i put all the weights on and bent the bar, lol.

    Also, if you dont have lots of weights, do a set, then punch and kick around like taekwondo, and then hit it again. Put your feet up on the bed and do push-ups, put your feet on the bed for sit-ups, and get a weight and a small bar and use it like the roll thing on tv for abs. There is so much stuff you can do just be creative.
  10. scrawny men are sexy... but that's just my opinion...
  11. AndroStack will help you build muscle faster. It has a plant steroid in it and it's mostly herbal and natural so it isn't as bad for you as the other stuff you can buy. You can get it at GNC, I think.

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