how to build a stealth air intake and exhaust on a regular window?

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  1. Hello everyone!! As in the title.... I have a window and I want to run an air intake and exhaust line. All the designs I saw are very visible from the outside. The safest design I was considering involves replacing the glass with plywood and making holes in it. With the proper materials (and painting it so that the plywood blends with the colour of the rest of the house) it looks more or less like ventilation holes for the house.... still, I'm not totally convinced... any better solutions out there? ... If anyone has got ideas/drawings/pictures/knowledge to share I would really appreciate.

    Thanks a lot!!!:wave:
  2. Make a plexi glass box the size of the window you want to use. Make 2 chambers a intake and an exaust. Use clear glue to glue the box around the window.

    Run your intake and exaust duckting into each side you are done.
  3. 2 questions.....
    1) As I understand this I would have to replace the existing glass with the outer part of the plexiglas box right? Even if I don't replace the glass I would have to cut out part of the glass to create access to the 2 separate chambers, correct?
    2) wouldn't this still look weird from the outside? I mean if you see a window and throught the transparency you see what looks like 2 different chambers of glass behind it woudn't you think wtf??

    Maybe I didn't fully get what you meant though.... I'll try to make a few drawings right now and see if I understand this a little better..... thanks for now!!!
  4. I didnt explain my self too well. Let me try to break it down so another human can actually understand me for once. lol

    Ok so leave your window as it is. You do not need to replace the stock glass.

    I was suggesting using plexiglass to make a 2 chamber box around the window. You could silicone it to the wall if you want or the window if you use clear silicone.

    You simply make a 3 sided box with 2 chambers that will have its 4th wall from being pressed up to the window.

    Leave the window open and you should be able to run ducting into each camber. One chamber for exhaust and one chamber for intake.

    Something kind of like that. I was thinking it would be clear and on the inside of the house. Hope i explained good enough. LMK if i didnt.
  5. hehe. Light has been shed.... I understand what you meant now!! Thanks for the input! If done in plexiglass it should be less visible than plywood yes, still I'm thinking I would need to remove part of my original glass.....I forgot to specify I don't have a standard window.... 1 more complication :eek:...
    I have a window like the one in the pic, it's just older and uses a single layer of glass luckily for me....... :wave:

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  6. Disguise it as an air conditioner unit.

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