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How to Bring a new pipe u just purchased on a plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JewToker, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Ok so some of u guys go on trips in a plane and want to pick up a nice little glass pipe as a suvenier.

    what u do is:

    1. purchase a glass pipe.
    2. put in ur carry on lugage or in ur pocket.(choose wizley)


    1. dont use it i repeat dont use it till u get home.
    2. dont carry any cannabis on u.
    3. dont tape it to ur leg or try to hide it cuz then they get suspicous and do a big search.

    ps. many states can put u away for possesion of resent in a pipe and call it attempt to traffic drugs. or some other shit. oh yea if they find it and u r underage all they can do is take it.:smoking:
  2. what u do is:

    1. lern 2 spel
    2. dnt kreat stoopid thredz

    k thx


    If the pipe is clean you can have it anywhere not just on a plane...
  3. Oh man that sucks because I always have a lot of resent in my pipe, every time I take a hit it makes me feel like I'm the worst person in the world.
  4. dude ur a dicl ol hes just tryin to help

  5. +1, You owned this negro with your banhammer.
  6. Telling people about common knowledge/common sense isn't helpful. Its like saying to make sure you dont' get in trouble don't do anything illegal. Well fuckin duh.
  7. ok dude dont be a dick im trying to help people cuz my friend went on a school trip and almost got arested for having a fucking pipe. so please dont a dick. many people wouldnt even bring a pipe on a plane cuz they dont know what happens so dont act like a know it all dick head. fucking cunt:mad:
  8. you still dont have to be a fuckin asshole about it who cares if its common knowledge all hes doin is lookin out for his fellow stoners but u sir at a dick head and should just shut the fuck up

  9. i think you meant to use the word are* not "at"
  10. lol you already know +rep
  11. Good tips! I'm sure there ARE people that don't realize that you can bring a pipe onto the plane.
  12. lol sorry im alil high wasnt payin attentino :p :smoking:
  13. [quote name='Rhythm of Life']what u do is:

    1. lern 2 spel
    2. dnt kreat stoopid thredz

    k thx
  14. or just stick it up your booty hole.

    its harder if you bought a Sherlock though
  15. Seriously a clean pipe can be waved in securitys face. I've been on a boat that got searched by the Coast Guard and when they found my buddies pipes they just laughed and re-packed them in bubble wrap.
  16. I lawled. If your pipes have alot of RESENT try smoking outta a bong its cleaner and you may be less resentfull.
  17. Get some alcohol and soak it..
  18. I had a friend who didnt know what Happens when you bring a pipe on a plane. That plane was oceanic flight 181- Que Lost's Oppening credits. WTF DO YOU MEAN THEY DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!?!?! "If i bring this pipe on this plane are we going to be teleported into an alternate universe?" Last thing Amelia Earhart said.
  19. I've seen tips on bringing a pipe on a plane in like 12 different other threads that I randomly browsed through, not searched.

  20. If it was ressed up then they could have arrested him. If not then they were messing with him and tyring to scare him. Cops cannot take an un-ressoned unless you're state law dictates that such items are contrband(eg. Bongs in PA.)

    Theres a big difference between going on a plane with an un-ressoned piece(Legal in most states.) and taking a pipe on a school trip(Contraband no matter what because you signed the guidebook :D.)

    And trust me with the tips you gave it's going to attract more attention and they are going to open you're bag up to see what it is, why you hid it in a far corner of you're bag, ect ect.

    You would be alot better off not smoking out of it, keeping it in you're pocket, and showing security right as you got to the metal detectors. They will probably make you stow it with you're luggage in the back of the plane BECAUSE A PIPE CAN BE TURNED INTO A SHANK.

    If you hide the pipe instead of being up front about it then you could find you're self on the No-fly list.

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