how to breed out strain? to perserve mom ? HELP!!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by kriminal09, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. i need help to perserve the blueberry auto female genetics i crossed with lowryder auto male. in desperate to save the blueberry but im confused
    how do i inbreed to get rid of the lowryder ? or is that not possible ? or do you outbreed it out can someo one please shed some light here is a picture of 1 of them

    i read about back crossing but i do not have original mother.
    right not im at blueberry auto Female x Lowryder auto Male f1
  2. From what I gathered correct me if im wrong someone anyone but

    P1(female) x P2(male) = f1 which is

    25% mostly strain 1 with strain 2

    25% mostly strain 2 with strain 1

    50% both as in mixed

    any how here another pic this is day 4

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