How To Breed Female Seeds

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by overgrowray, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. First off i have to say i'm sorry to everyone. I rarely have time to get online anymore. I'm very sorry i haven't been coming around. My sister lost her kids and we have them now, and there more than a handful. I was also on a rocky road with my girl, but thats all AOK now and i'm happy to say we got engaged on Aug 29th. I really wish i could be on the city like i used to, i feel really bad that i haven't been helping out.

    In High Times Oct 2001 they talked about breeding female seeds. I heard of this before i found the article, but now i believe it will work. It just sounds too easy to be true in a way. But all female cannabis plants are born with the potential to be hermaphrodites as a safty factor(so the species can't die out). So if you have say a room full of known females, for the first three weeks of flowering you have the light on for a hour in the middle of the 12 hour dark period. Well the plants think there dieing out so one of the females grows a male branch, but since theres no males in the room theres no male chromosomes, so when the seeds produce theres no seeds with male chromosomes so theres going to be no male seeds. ... Well thats what i've read a few times, but i haven't gotten to try it yet. I would but right now i don't have anything indoors, and my electric is about to be turned off anyways because i'm broke. Has anyone else tried this or would like to, so we can find out if this is the true way. I know you can buy all female seeds, so there has to be a way to produce them and this is the best way i've heard so far.
  2. Im sorry to hear of the hard times man at lest you willhave somebuds to fallbackonto to chill out :). About the femanized seeds, if you let the plants finish more they put out male pollen sacks that you can collect and use to polinate for femanized seeds. At lest thats what a high times article said. Im going to give it a try when i harvest by harvesting the main colas and leaving some of the lower colas to over ripen.
  3. yep let them go as long as possible then harvest hang upside down to dry after two weeks look for male flowers (probaly only one) pick them and keep cool use on the next crop ,,,,thats what they say ,,, we will see ,,,,,,any form of stress can make a female produce male flowers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck
  4. yeah i really want to try it now, it would be great to have all female seeds.
  5. I have grown seed produced from stress induced herms several times and, it does work.The resulting plants will all be female. I also had a clone mother years ago whose clones always produced a single male flower, by putting the clones in close proximity to clones from other strains I was able to cross-breed and have all female seed. As much as I loath quoting Martha Stewart, I must say, " It's a good thing."
  6. thanks for your input, i wanted someone to come on and say it works. Yeah when i get a indoor grow going again i'm going to breed mad female seeds. I'd love to have them for later grows and i know i could sell the seeds. The people i party with trust me, and i know they would buy them up.
  7. But dont forget thta femanized seeds won't always be 100% female. Its only if you veg in optimal conditions. Sexes are influenced by the conditions including stress but do the stressing in flower otherwise you will get a full male or hermie.

    1. blue spectrum light
    2. cool temps
    3. high airflow
    4. high humidity
    5. and one other :p

    I cant wait till i finish my mini breeding box and get my seeds! :) I will defenetly give this and other meathods and teqniques of advanced breeding and growing a this O'grow stuff is for the birds. Lots of fun over this winter!
  8. What do you mean cool temps? some say that high temps at about 30C make the plant female....
  9. it wud b very strange to get males from fem seeds, just fems hermies and the odd inbread mutant. when growing the plants from these seeds that shud b rememberd and more care taken to keep them fem. not a lot can b done about the mutants but sometimes thats a good thing. u can get pollyployds or just freaky large plants. pissing aroung with plants dna, and thats wot ur doing when u try and make fem seeds is still a touch and go deal.

    this is just me thinking outloud now but..... some plants such as thai r natral hermies. even the fems seem to carry male cromeazones so that wud b a bad startin point 4 a fem seed breedin experiment. if u cross a hermi with a hermi then ALL seeds r hermi. to give the best chance of a all fem crop a good starting point wud not be a plant like thai, or a plant thats bin crossed with thai, like haze, jack herer (even tho its not a main part of the dna). in fact id stay away from any of the stavitas unless i knew it was unlikely to throw up hermies in nature. id find a nice stable breed thats been around a while and has proved its self to b stable and not queer. ur only prob then is gettin ur mom to throw a male flower. do that tho and ur on2 a winner!
  10. ok......since we're on "mad ass ideas of the week" how's about this one as a reply to barnaby's idea of getting a female plant to produce a male flower..........what if you got some pollen from a good male, and inserted it into the stem of a good female, what if it was to become part of the plants dna.......but not like a hermie, where it would grow female and male flowers, but on diffrent i'm guessing all this gimme a what gave me the idea of this is that lasr week i heard a story, of a guy who lost his thumb......they were unable to sew it back on, so the amputated his big toe and then stuck it on a thumb.....and part of the healing process was to insert the new thunb into the guys side, and then it heals...........hey just an out........Sid

    ps this would be a perfect thread for a possible new forum called "advanced and experimental growing techniques"
  11. ^^^^ the idea is to keep male dna outta the plant not add it. my head hurts now, im just gonna stick to cloning my fems i think lol.
  12. yeah but you said you wanted a mom to throw out a male flower...i was wondering why but gave it a go out........Sid
  13. a male flower on a female plant doesnt have any male dna in it so when it breeds with a female ther is only fem dna in the seed so the seed is a fem seed.
  14. aghhh barnaby i'm gonna fry your brain well if a female grows a male flower, and it has no male dna, would it pollinate the female,? or would it not just think that it had come into contact with another female or a foreign object?...........where's my bong, i need to start thinking out.........Sid
  15. pollon is pollon is pollon...... it seems that any mj pollon has the rite triggers to make the plant flower. just like necterines r a cross of 2 types of plant, (peach and plum i think) all it needs r the right triggers, thats something to do with the number of czones in the pollon and ther dna type but not ther sex.

    a fem has XX cromeazones and a male XY. the only thing thats missing from the deal is Y czone, u cud never grow "male seeds" cus u cud never have a seed without the X, males in the plant world r not really needed, a lot like males in the real world since sperm banks.

    i think my mind is fried, im gonna go look at some lezbo porn till the world makes sence again or i just stop careing...
  16. exactly, when i read it in high times it made my head hurt because i was thinking too much about it. I don't know if it will work, but there has to be a good way to get female seeds, and i'm going to find it. I think all seeds that are sold online should be fem seeds.
  17. do u? if they was id stop growing. i dont like fem seeds, i think it causes a lot of probs in the plant if u keep them as a mom and try and clone them. never mind the price!! twice as much as normal, sod that.

    the way i grow doesnt suit fem seeds. i get a few good mothers and clone. i can fill a room with plants that r as near as dam it identical, u cud never do that from seed. SOG its the only way, i wanna try ScrOG and i wudnt risk fem seeds in that incase they went hermi on me, cutting 1 outta a screen wud b a kntmare.

    i can understand y fem seeds r a blessing 4 some ppl but they aint my thing.
  18. no i do understand what you mean. but my point is if there was mostly fem seeds for sale, they would go down in price. And fem seeds might be easier for newbes. I used to always have mothers, but i don't want to grow all the time anymore, maybe a few months out of the year then put my lights away.

    oh and none of the prices online are normal, i think its all a rip. i think all growers should work together and seeds should be almost free. The governemt is f*cking us over so why should we f*ck over each other. I duno.... i'm not high so i'm pissed.
  19. yeah i gotta agree with u 100% on that,

    i cant understand y some seeds cost so much, i normaly buy from nirvarna and get the 10 seeds for £10, they aint the best seeds and i dont like the way they aint kept cool or in a fridge in the shop. i know this cus iv bin in ther about 5 times. but compare £10 to the price of g13 and it just dont make sence.

    the most id ever pay for seeds is £50 and they wud have to b dam good seeds!!!
  20. I'd love to get my hands on some female seeds. But they are really expensive. I like Nirvana, Kc Brains, and whatnot because the seeds are cheap! But you do get what you pay for I guess.

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