How to blow smoke rings?

Discussion in 'General' started by WhiteWidowLover, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. It has been pissing me off for a few days now. Can anyone give tips or anything as to how one can blow smoke rings?
  2. you gotta vizualize the end result....make your lips into an o shape with your tongue in the middle for the hole

    then just kind of flex your throat in a way that pushes out air....thats how i do it
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  3. yeah, like elementxero said, its all in the throat. Have you ever made those sort of gulping noises while pretending to be drinking something? do the same action with the throat only without the noises.
  4. ahhh... maybe that's why i'm inconsistant at it... i thought it was all in the tongue movement.
  5. yeah once people realise that it has everything to do with the throat and not much with the toung it becomes easier...just the smoke should be in your mouth so its dense enough to see, if you use the smoke thats in your lungs it makes it harder to do and the smoke is harder to see
  6. It Works Better With Smoke In Your Mouth...
    So Do It With Ciggarettes & Inhale That Reefer Smoke
  7. !!!,, now i have something to practice that entails smoking oh so much more. :)

  8. DeadheadOG thread revival music!

    Pucker up! The key is to chamber the smoke in your mouth when you inhale. Let the smoke remain chambered in your mouth and billow puffs of air out using your cheeks with your mouth open like an "O"
  9. I'll bet the first guy to discover how to blow smoke rings with smoke probably had to go through so much trouble. When he finally thought of doing smoke rings, that became his life until he found the way to do it. Cause even with instructions and practice, I can't do it lol.
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  10. gotta shape your mouth like your sucking dick and then gag.

    lmao im jk
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  11. It's wizardry...Harry.:coolalt:
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  12. Oscar stop following me bruh! go feed your pet dragon.

    it can probably teach you to blow rings
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  13. Yeah open your mouth, form your mouth in a circular shape so it looks like your sucking a big ol, thick, cock, rethink what youre doing, question life, then smoke like everyone else does. Lol.

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