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How To Blow Os?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Immaculant, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. I tried searching on here but couldn't find anything.

    Help would appreciated :)
  2. How I do it is I put my lips in a small O shape, obviously. And then I use my throat and lips to push a little bit of air out, you have to keep practicing to get consistent o's, but it's easy once you do and you can do more advanced stuff, like blowing a ring through another ring and then inhaling it, I've only done it a couple times, but it sure amazes people at parties haha.
  3. Purse your lips into an o shape and push the smoke out with your tongue, it takes practice but once you get the mouth movement you can blow awesome rings.
  4. Definitely a combo of throat and tongue movements. Assume the position and start practicing bud
  5. i dont use my tongue, my lips make an o shape and i push em outward and the os come out
  6. Make a dick suckin face then push smoke out with rapid acceleration with the back of your tongue.
  7. This guy gets it.
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    I can only do rings with shisha/cigars. I just focus on inhaling (maybe a ghost inhale once and awhile) when smoking herb
    once you progress to rings, try blowing a large ring softly and then blow a small ring sharply and watch it go thru the big ring...pretty neat
    you can also ghost inhale rings aswell
    ghost inhale as in, exalhing softly and inhaling that exhaled smoke, not like ghosting a hit
  9. Start with a vape pen or hookah. Its harder to do out of a j or a blunt
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    That's a kill hit son, ghosting is when you don't blow any visible smoke out.\\
    French inhaling before blowing o's always helps me, and forget the regular o inhale, gotta keep it french.  I'll even hold a nostril and suck that o in
  11. Trap the smoke in your mouth. Smile like a donut. Push air out of your mouth with a slight gag effect with throat and tongue i guess. Once you learn it you will understand. Practice makes perfect here
  12. Why Blow O's when you can be inhaling the hit lol

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  13. #14 Immaculant, Nov 14, 2014
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    Bruh cause I'm relatively a noob when it comes to the more intricate aspects of weed lol

    Yeah I can smoke high amounts and know strand names n stuff, but things like...

    The difference between indica and sativa

    How to grow

    Different smoking techniques

    And a multitude of a whole bunch of other shit I have no clue about.

    Y'all have no idea how much I'm about to annoy the hell out of you guys over the next years on my quest for knowledge lol. I'm gonna be like that kid that always asks questions but you can't get made cause they're a kid. ;) :smoking:
  14. Look up customgrow420 on youtube he made a video for that recently. Bunch of sick vids to enjoy also!
  15. Who is O's? And why should he be blown?
  16. this guy ^
    Nice man. Hahaha
  17. Not gonna lie I read the title and thought that it was a stupid troll thread about how to blow o's like smoke ounces
  18. ^ this... also why waste marijuana smoke with stupid smoke tricks, save that for fag smokes
  19. Pucker lips (duck lips) and billow. Oh and inhale smoke before you try

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