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  1. Was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to block the light. I have 4 lights in my attic and they shine out the sides where the air comes and goes
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    Aluminum foil blocks it pretty completely, conforms to most shapes, is cheap and lightweight. Sticking it to cardboard makes for firm sheets of light-blocker. For thin cracks, get some 2" tape, cut 1" strips of foil to stick to the middle of the tape and voila; light blocking tape. What kind of tape is best depends on the surfaces it must adhere to.

    For blocking light but preserving some airflow, you want a chamber that zig-zags. Painting it black on the inside helps to absorb light that enters the chamber. Black plastic tubes, similar to white PVC drain pipes, in an "S" shape channel air while keeping light out and connect to fans easily. Alternatively, cardboard coated with black spray paint can be used to construct zig-zag chambers when the opening is long instead of circular.
  3. Well my attic has 3 gaps where it lets air in the from the top and I was told I can't block them. I tryed putting the window screen that said it could block all light and I tryed that and nothing still let's alot of light. At night you can see the the light shine on to the other houses next to me. I will try the zig zag tho that sounds like it would work pretty well.
  4. check this this kinda what yer looking for? I make lots of these out of the clear corner guard stuff. They work awesome and are the most free flowing light trap I've seen...also the most lowprofile.


    you can also use some pvc elbow pieces and paint them black inside if it's to lightproof a round hole....

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