How to block digital ballast RF am radio interference

Discussion in 'Security' started by wwpk, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So my 1000W ipower digital ballasts wreck all AM frequencies; tested up to 100M radius, could be further. right now I have my timer set so the lights are off when my AM shows air. In the future I'm going to start buying internal shielded ballasts, BUT what is the best method to shield the RF interference for now?

    I've been doing a little research and have seen multiple ideas on the subject.
    -copper sheeting box around ballast
    -aluminum foil around wire between ballast and hood that's grounded
    -aluminum foil tape
    -anti wi-fi and radiowave paint

    Has anyone used any or a combination of these or other methods to successfully stop interference?
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  3. You can get ferrite cores on amazon..they're magnets that go around the sure how well they work though..i had a visit from the cable company so i just got a magnetic so i dont have to worry bout it
  4. Hey! Thanks for the quick reply! Is:

    Ferrite Core 1/2 Cord Noise Suppressor:Amazon:Electronics

    What your talking about?
    Some of the feedbacks on it talk about ex: home radio HAM/ rf interfering with 100w output to antenna. Since ballast is 1000w, should I get like 4-8 or them all on the cord?
  5. I bought that same one and had the same question lol but i had a 600w..its pretty small so more couldnt hurt..didnt get to test the am trick before just saying fuck it and getting a magnetic..i live by an airport so didnt want the fcc knocking next

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