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  1. Howsit everyone. Sorry if this topic is misplaced or if the information I'm about to ask has already been covered, but here it goes. I have a closet space, approx. 4ft x 2ft x 5 1/4ft. I want to create two rooms, one for veg. and the other for flowering. I plan to use clones to flower, while using the other room to contain the mother and young clones. I'm over halfway through the Medical Marijuana Bible, but I still am unsure about space distribution. So to put it simply, 1: How should I distribute the space for veg and flower?; 2: How many of each can I have in each room?; 3: What lights should I use? (I'm lining the entire closet with mylar, unless you have better suggestions)

    Any and all help would be greatly apreciated! Again I apoligize if this topic is out of order and if the questions have been asked beforehand.
  2. 1. Cut it in half, black trash bags, wood/mylar etc.

    2. Not that many its a small area. If the width is 2 feet well 1 foot is a tiny space. Maybe 2.

    3. Id go T5s/LED if you cant exhaust the heat. A HPS/MH would roast everything and it would end in fail. If you can vent it then a HID would work well but they get like triple digit hot and in a closet good luck.
  3. If I were you, I'd leave the closet for flowering, and buy/build a T5 veg cabinet to leave in the room or whatever. Going to be really hard making 2 manageable rooms out of that small closet.
  4. You think I could fit two flowering in half, and then two clones and a mother in the other if I prune the mother regularly? As for the lights, I'm on a budget and I cant really think of many ways to exhaust the heat, are their any single lights that would work? Like one light for the flowering and one for the veg? How much of a difference would a few extra feet of length be? I.e 6 x 2 x 5? Thanks for the help guys!

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