how to be stealthy

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dat Bud, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. alright so i still live with my parents so i wanna be 100% no noise no light no smell but great bud. i have 2 places to grow 1 is in a gutted pc in my closet which is roughly 15x17x6 inside of it and the other is a chest which is about 18in tall and wide and 4 feet long. since im trying to be stealthy i was hoping you guys could throw some ideas at me on how to be completely stealthy with my limited options anything would help. thanks guys :)
  2. i would help but
    your probably about to get your post deleted for growing behind your parents back
    once the form moderators read this
  3. Not cool, ur parents can get in trouble if ur caught.. wait til ur 18 n move out, good luck.
  4. yeah ur parents could get in trouble. not likely tho. i know people who have been raided at their parents house and only they got in trouble. but still not worth putting your parents in the line of fire
  5. Not only is it a bad idea to grow without your parents permission, it is virtually impossible to grow without any smell or noise.
  6. It's just not going to happen bro. Either way, bad choice!
  7. Congrats to being the 5, 342nd newbie to ask how to start a grow behind their parents back and be shut down.. Congrats..

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