How to be functionally high

Discussion in 'General' started by boredsmoke, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I am not a new but also not an experienced toker, been vaping for about a year, 2x a week. However, for the most part I have gotten high at night alone or with 1-2 friends.

    I did a few trial runs being high during the day and completing work, it is awesome as long as you stick to semi important stuff.

    -everything doesn't seem that bad
    -you feel important whatever you do so going to the bank feels like an epic quest
    -more social
    -don't procrastinate
    -You notice small details that you missed while sober

    -paranoid people think your high
    -bad memory
    -will sometimes do odd shit like put my half eaten sandwhich in the sink
    -worry that you are not competent while high, which is sometimes true but many times not
    -lose some common sense
    -accidently smoke too much
    -loss of sense of time

    -stick to sativa, I prefer a sativa dominant hybrid, usually buy between mid and high end
    -don't have any pictures of hot girls around your work area, it is distracting
    -eyedrops, shades or both
    -vape gives you a clear high, mflb for portability+ease
    -smoke/vape half the amount you normally do-this just works for me
    -take periodic sober breaks/t breaks so not high all day, I usually like high/sober 50/50
    -go over "important" stuff a second time when sober=best of both worlds
    -write down a list of what you want to have accomplished during your session

    That is all I could think of as of now. Let me know if you experienced functional stoners have any suggestions. I hope the rest of my trial goes well, so far the past few days have been extremely productive and fun.

  2. lol good one!

  3. You can never smoke too much :smoke:
  4. Lol when high its all about mental power va actions
  5. This is a great guide man! I do not know how I got through my life without it.
  6. Just don't act high. As long as you don't give people reason to believe you're high, they won't. No one goes around looking for high people, checking each person they come across for symptoms of stonededness. If you start to feel paranoid that people may know, just remember, they don't give a shit about you, they're too worried about what they're doing and what they need to get done. That always helps me get over paranoia :smoke:
  7. Yeah you can lol I smoked to much before hitting the downhill trail halfway threw ate shit...:mad:

  8. lol how can i not act high while high. my mind is blown
  9. I've been smoking pretty regularly for over six years and the best part was after a few years (like three), I just realized that being paranoid was just stupid. There's no reason to be. It's kind of like being a stand-up comedian and picturing the audience in their underwear or something, it's a perception thing. People aren't out to get you.

    Now, there's a difference between being smart about it and being paranoid about it. Make sure you realize that, young Jedi's.

  10. It takes some practice, but it absolutely can be done.
  11. you just have to do out and do it a few times and you get used to it.
  12. oh idk maybe use your brain every now and then.?
  13. I didn't know people put so much thought into being high in public. If I'm not at work then chances are I'm high, its easy, never had to put too much thought into it...

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