How To: Be Completely Anonymous On The Internet

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  1. Despite what people say, it is possible to be completely anonymous on the internet.

    There are a few things that reveal who you are to people when you visit a website. For example, go to What is my referrer? - Simple tool to find out the referrer into your address bar. That's basically all of the information someone can get from you when browsing the internet.

    1) Change your user agent. Although sometimes not necessary, it's a good precaution to take. I just go onto IE from FF, FF to Chrome, etc. Your user agent is essentially what browser you are using, what the dimensions of your monitor are, etc.

    Make it a "clean" browser - no extra toolbars or addons.

    2) Get a proxy. You can get a free one, but in reality paid ones are much faster and much more reliable. I recommend packetflip, it's $10 for one US proxy a month. This will hide your IP address.

    3) Clear all internet history. Especially cookies. This varies for per browser, in Firefox it's under Tools -> Options. Or just get Cookie Cleaner for a quick one click solution.

    On your new browser, put in your proxy (google for guides) and clear your history. You are now anonymous if you go to a web page. Nothing can be traced back to you and the proxy you entered will make it appear that you live in a different area of the country. Whoever wanted to know your information has to go through Packetflip to get that.

    If you want to be making anonymous purchases it's a bit more complicated.

    You are going to need a new account on whatever website you are making a purchase on, whether it be ebay, amazon, etc. Obviously don't use any of the same information that you used for another account you might have. A new proxy and clearing your cookies will take care of any basic filters.

    Make sure you don't login to your new account from your old IP.

    For your credit card, you are going to want to buy a VCC. Stands for virtual credit card. Basically, you give someone an amount of money and they get you a one time use credit card that has no information attached to it. If you need information on where to get one of these PM me.

    Shipping I have no idea what you can do. Get it sent to a neighbor in their name, if it's illegal and they get caught with it deny you had involvement.

    Btw, all of this is legal. These steps will also help you bypass almost any website's filtering system to make as many accounts as you want.

    If I forgot anything let me know. I don't think I did.

  2. Except for the part where taking (your) mail from the neighbour with His name on it is a federal offence.
  3. I assumed you and the neighbor would come to some sort of agreement, he'd open it, then hand whatever it was off to you. I didn't mean stealing his mail :cool:
  4. Actually, as long as you arrange the situation with your neighbour before hand, this is a perfect deal, he can deny any knowledge if he's cought, and still make abit of chedder everytime a package arrives, that you collect.
  5. If you want to be anonymous on the Internet you need to use an Internet circuit that can't be linked to you (pay cash in an Internet cafe, use free public WiFi, etc).

    You can't quite be completely anonymous using a computer at your home, but your steps are not bad.

    • Your ISP knows your personal information and could inspect your Internet traffic
    • If you use a proxy server, the proxy server administrators also have access to your personal data

    Illegal items being shipped to you does not mean you broke the law. If something illegal is shipped to you, it will be seized and depending on what it is, you may be interrogated. But they can't charge you based on that alone; after all, you can't control what packages people ship to you.
  6. lol ok, i haven't been on in a while but buyinng proxy service is /absolutely/ idiotic. You do realize that once they trace back to the proxy IP and realize it's a pay service, they will just get a search warrant to get your logs. it even says in the services AUP: "Provider may be required by law to provide Customer's information pursuant to subpoena issued by a court, governmental entity or otherwise". This business is in the business of making money and making money involves keeping logs to stay afloat and passing responsbility onto the customer.

    The closest thing to anonynimity if you're hardwired into the internet is TOR but even that is subject to dedicated TOR servers that keep logs.

    The best practice for true anonynimity, like feanor mentioned, is Wifi with a MAC (not the computer) spoofer in the event they do log activity.

  7. True, but you can buy some b0tn3t proxies that don't keep logs.

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