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How to balance being high and sober.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I used to be one of those people had to be high all the time. I took a t break and after 35 days I am now high as fuck. But I'm starting college soon I need to learn to balance being high and sober cus I want to spend my money on other shit, not just weed like I used to spend it all on. Also I am one of the people that isn't too productive while stoned. Before the t break I was one of those people that couldnt have had fun without being high and the t break showed me I could. But I don't want to to fall back into my old mindset. Ideas.
  2. It comes down to self control. I mean if you need to get shit done, don't smoke. If you can't control your habit and are incapable of prioritizing daily activities...don't smoke.
  3. Really its not that hard man
    Just set basic daily goals that you have to do before you smoke. Whether these be school, work, or private is up to you.

    Sooner or later this will be habit and you will learn to use it as a reward instead of a life numbing solution.
  4. Use your brain.

    [ame=]The Point Of No Return - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Just smoke until you have ruined yourself man. Sounds like your getting close. :p
  6. your mind controls your habits.
    you control your mind.

  7. WAIT A MINUTE. By the associative property, that means that I control my habits? Mind=blown
  8. veddy carfulleey
  9. Don't smoke more than x amount each day or something.
  10. personally i used to only smoke at night time when i still smoked. if i smoked in the morning i would always feel groggy and tired half way through if i didnt keep smoking. if i kept smoking i would finish my whole stash in a few hours if i really tried. well it wasnt at night but it was usually after i got home from work around 5 or 6 and getting stoned before dinner. dont go to work high

    idk im rambling
  11. Just smoke once a day, at night a little while before bed is probably the best time.

    every night when i get home from work i give myself 1-3 hours to just enjoy the herb before drifting off to sleep. and that's after work is done, classwork is done, and housework is done. on my day off i sometimes toke all day, but then right back to nights only.

    There are also some things I just don't do stoned, for various reasons. Still, it's good to have specific activities that DON'T involve weed. For me, I'm always sober for work, biking (on tech trails that is, if i'm just cruising logging the mileage i love a good bowl beforehand), and the gym.
  12. smoke every night to have a nice break after school/work/etc.
    or if that's too much, smoke every friday and weekend. (what I do right now)
    + have a t-break every two months

  13. that must mean.....your habits have been blown as well?!

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