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How To Avoid Suspiscion?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nstyle, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. While driving after a pickup. What are the main reasons cops pull u over, assuming u dont have a zip of MJ in plain sight in your ridee
  2. The same reasons they pull you over any other time. Cops don't know you have herb in your vehicle. As long as your car does not smell like weed, you really don't have a reason to be paranoid if they pull you ever while holding.
  3. Wear a seat belt, drive the speed limit and use your blinkers.

    Other than that there isn't much.
  4. I've never been pulled over after picking up, so i don't know, but if your dealer will let you, you need to pull into his garage. Neighbors that see other neighbors walking to someone car, handing them something, and then walking away might be a little suspiscious.
  5. dude i remember one time i was walking around with my friends looking to pickup bud and this green car fucking zoomed past us and the car was full of smoke with smoke coming out and it smelled MAD DANK. We could smell skunk like 5 min after the car was gone man. It was the fucking marijuana mobile.

  6. ^^^ Word. And make sure before u go to pick up that the brake lights work and theres nothing outside the car the police can pull u over for.

  7. Ha I may have seem the same thing here i'n Texas. Me and my buddy were cleaning up some properties we have by an interstate and we heard the familiar thunk of a system playing rap. And a second later this black Beamer speeds by with smoke coming out tha windows and the smell of grape and dank were in the air. It was ridiculous I mean we were like 50yds away and it smelt like it was beside us.
    Anyway just obey traffic laws and your pretty much straight. Obvisouly having working lights and what not will keep you safe so monitor those for your safety.
  8. Jus drive normal...If yar a speed demon...slow up

    Driving all paranoid and freaked out makes you stand out more
    like you are guilty of something..

    I used to be like that when I was younger...but now its jus like
    going through the drive thru at burger king.....

    If ya can...stay away from street dealers...Ya know them slingers that jus
    stand outside on the sidewalk all day.....

    Find a hook-up who will meet you at a bar for a drink or 7-11 for a slurpy if under 21 (lol)

    Stop getting hookups and grow yar own...Then you can become the hookup :wave::poke::bongin:
  9. As well as become the biggest bust!!!

    hahah i'm playing around thanks for the advice, there r no street dopeheads thank god

  10. If the cops know a drug dealer is at the location, but have no proof yet they will:
    Stake it out
    Wait for some 1 to go into said building
    When you come out they will follow you and wait for you to "bob" the white line that means if one of your tires just goes over the white line, thell pull you over and search you.

    So DONT go near the white line or you can get pulled over
  11. Pretty much what everyone else said. My old guy I used to go through said he got pulled over with a HP. It was all sealed good though, and he had it in a duffel bag behind the seat or something and everything was fine---got a warning for some small BS traffic violation.

    It's pretty much all in your head. Just make sure you don't have a piece of shit car that smells/looks shady/stuff not working on it.. and of course, obey the law ;P
  12. No problem...its all in a days work:rolleyes::cool:

    That was my "good deed advice" reply for the day :devious::wave:
  13. What about the yellow line? :poke::confused_2::laughing:

    Don't have 4 mexicans in the back who keep looking out the back window :wave:
  14. Helps to avoid this situation...
  15. Regardless, though, doesn't he need a warrant to perform a search? Anyone can deny permission for an officer to perform a search, right? I've generally heard this to be true, but correct me if I'm wrong. Obviously if I see a cop car pull in, I'm leaving immediately and going somewhere else, it's just if he hides that I'll be thrown off.

    I'm not at all worried about the drive back home, I find myself to be a good driver. :D

  16. [ame=]YouTube - How to Refuse Police Searches[/ame]
  17. #18 mosspb, Feb 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2011
    If your pulled over because of a traffic violation and the cop smells anything illegal, see's anything illegal (drugs, paraphernalia, scale, open alcohol, weapons, etc.), or hears anything (someone in your trunk :p) he can search your car.

    But if they pull you over randomly or just to "talk" and start searching the car for no reason thats illegal detainment and in court you will win and be off scot free. An exception is checkstops because you lose some rights there. As long as you just act confident and don't reak of weed.. you should be fine. Sometimes you'll be fine even if you do reak of weed..:smoke:

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