how to avoid stretching ?

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  1. can any body tell me how to avoid stretching of the plants
  2. put a fan on them asap
  3. lower the lights
  4. more lumes pre sq ft.
  5. both, lower the lights and have good lumens
    for vegging you want around 35 watts per sq feet minimum
    and for flowering around 45 50 watts per sq feet of space

    dont keep the light to close or you will get raident heat stress and light burn
  6. ok here is the deal a have 1000 hps in rails i have 2 trays 9 plants for each lamp (moving) . can any body show me a picture of the right space between nodes. this is my first grow and thank u im on the flowering stage 2th week
  7. Space on nodes depends if the plant is Indica or sativa. If you think the plant is stretching then put your light 18-24 inches above the tops for a 1000 watt light.
  8. Yo grobros:wave:
    The position of the light above the plant is critical. The way to get as close as possible is to enhance air circulation and/or ventilation. An aircooled light is ideal. But a good stiff breeze pointed at the bulb can work quite well, plus giving you that vital stem action needed for strong stalks.
    earth girl
  9. its indica thank u ill try to point the airs to the light its going to be a little hard since they are moving all the time
  10. Its often the case with the rails, that each individual plant is not recieving enough lumens. They are only getting direct light half the time, so they stretch. On your next cycle, use slightly less plants and shorten up the track.

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