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How to avoid smoke smell on clothes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Juggalo610, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking about respecting my mom-mom's house by smoking outside for now on, but i'm scared the smell will rub off on my clothes, especially if I come back looking baked as shit. Any advice on how to avoid this?
  2. Get sprayed by a skunk right after you smoke. I guarantee she won't smell the bud on you.
  3. Dont blow your tokes on yourself, blow them away! Also breath in through your nose when you walk in so that you dont breathe out any stanky weed brearth
  4. stand outside for 2 extra mins to air out
  5. do gravity bong hits, and blow smoke away, then eat a little bit of anything
  6. One word: Dryer sheets.
  7. Bring a second shirt or bring a hoodie with you and take it off when you smoke then put it back on when your leaving. Wash you hands, throw in some rhotos and pop in a piece of gum.
  8. Spray some cheap cologne on your clothes.. and smoke..
  9. I have an old jacket I always use when I smoke outside. I'm careful to blow away from myself, and take off the jacket as soon as I come in. I wash it every now and then, but only if nobody's around, because the smell can come out pretty strong when it hits water.

    All that aside, I've smoked outside a lot, and I've never had a problem with smelling like weed. I don't really think it's that big of a problem.
  10. Blow away/up, especially with a j/blunt. They tend to stink up my clothes the most, especially fingers.
  11. A skunk sprayed it's shit outside my window and my parents ran into my room yelling at me asking about weed.... For a second it really did smell like skunky weed.
  12. Rub some hand sanitizer on your shirt and hands once your done.

    A little spray doesnt hurt either.
  13. [quote name='"HelpDesk"']

    A skunk sprayed it's shit outside my window and my parents ran into my room yelling at me asking about weed.... For a second it really did smell like skunky weed.[/quote]

    Ahhh man skunks are the worst. Especially when it's 2 in the morning and the dogs are just dieing to go outside. Well when I let them back in it was to late. They were both drenched in skunk nastiness. Spent the night cleaning them Not the best way to wake the family up by that smell.
  14. Avoid blunts or joints outside but any bowl piece and you'll be fine.
  15. I have a bad habit of pushing down the bowl with my thumb. Avoid doing this, use your lighter or something.
  16. ya i mean like others said just try to blow the smoke away from you and chill for a little bit...maybe a piece of gum also. but honestly after you toke you smell a lot worse than you think and usually you smell a little bit.
  17. Well, I really never have a problem with smell, considering I only smoke hash, where I live, they all do. (Can't get weed here)

    But a nice thing might be the Lynx Bullet Instinct or whatever it's called. It's basically like an Axe spray, pocket seize, and you can just keep it with you and spray it whenever needed. It's extremely cheap, and smells disgustingly much.

    I bought mine in London, though I don't even live in the US or UK. It was about a pound or something. :)

    - Serenity

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