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How to avoid paranoia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Larinus, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I usually get high at my parents house and recently I've started getting paranoid and keep thinking they're knocking on my door or something. I am wondering if there is anything to prevent this besides smoking somewhere else.
  2. get high somewhere else. if ya cant then window, fan, sploof, spray, and chill tunes:smoking:
  3. It's not that I'm scared of them being able to smell it. Even after I get rid of the smell, use eye drops, and hide my stash, I'm still paranoid. And I can usually act normal when I'm high if I need to, so I don't really know what I'm afraid of...which is why this is annoying me so much.
  4. idk then man. id never really get paranoid when id burn at my parents cause whenever i did it was when i knew i wasnt gonna get caught. only time i remember is when me and a buddy hazed out and stunk up my basement. id always just go do somethin, put on some tunes, or a movie and chill for awhile. do something so i wouldnt think bout gettin busted just being ripped and enjoying every second
  5. I know the same feeling, I just remind myself that I"m fucked out of my mind and try to chill out. Normally I forget about it once I do something else.
  6. i came out to my parents and told them i smoked and directed them to the website in my sig...i also tried to educate them about their cool,i dont get paranoid,everythings out in the open.....

    my advice is learn as much about marijuana as possible and come clean to them...the more you know about the drug you appreciate the more you can educate them about it and hopefully change their view of it
  7. Just be smart about it. Your parents won't suspect that your'e high at home. Just keep everything on the DL.
  8. Get high somewhere else. Respect your parents...
  9. Just do your best to cover it up. Do everything before AND after you smoke to make sure that you won't be discovered. After that, just enjoy your high. Just tell yourself that it's your time to relax!
  10. Take a lot of precautions so you don't have to worry about being caught.

    Towel under the door. Fan blowing out the window. Use a sploof. Lock your door.

    They won't be able to smell it with all that and if your door is locked, they can't walk in. The paranoia will go away if you know you aren't going to get caught.

    Or if you smoke joints/blunts or have a portable piece, just smoke outside.
  11. Don't smoke in your parents house. Problem solved. It's disrespectful anyways unless they are aware and consent to it. It's not your house it's theirs.
  12. if your parents dont like u smoking weed, get a emancipation and leave...
  13. just lay down listening to music, watch tv in your room, go on the comp. What ever sounds good at the time and make sure the smell is out of your room because its a big buzz kill if your mom walked in, sniffed and asked why your room smells like weed. that would suck! that used to happen to me ocasionaly and it sucks!
  14. Covering it up well is how to avoid it. Use eyedrops, febreze and make a blower. How to make a blower here [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame] Deffinitly worth it
  15. smoke where you don't have to worry about anything. Buzz Kill Warning: If there's no reason to be paranoid, don't tell your friends how you feel- you will totally kill the vibe

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