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How to avoid getting paranoia and what to do if you get it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Miklelottesen, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I made this because I think it's important to have pleasant experiences with marijuana rather than horrible experiances and especially to new tokers. Paranoia is the reason why so many people find marijuana evil and start hating it. Therefore I think this should be stickied, but that's just my opinion.

    First off - what is that paranoia thing really? Well, like with everything else in this world it is possible to OD on marijuana, though an OD doesn't lead to death or anything dangerous. The worst thing an OD can cause is paranoia. The word paranoia refers to the fear of dying which commonly happens in a marijuana OD. It's also known as bad trip, but I find that term incorrect; you don't trip on marijuana so therefore you can't have a bad trip. Paranoia isn't at all dangerous, neither physically nor psychologically but it's one of the most unpleasant things I've ever experienced!

    Okay now that we know that, how do we avoid that damn thing? Well, there're three things you can do to avoid it:

    1. Don't smoke too much
    That's of course an obvious one. If you're really new to smoking try smoking until you feel something, then wait 15 minutes before smoking some more...

    2. Don't smoke on an empty stomach
    I don't exactly know why, but it helps. I can only guess that it's because there's less minerals and stuff in the blood that the TCH can bind itself to, giving it better access directly to the brain. Well, at least you shouldn't smoke as much on an empty stomach as you would on a full stomach...

    3. Don't drink and smoke
    Marijuana and alcohol tends to amplify each other leading to the effect of too much marijuana and too much alcohol. You shouldn't smoke if you've had more than a couple of beers. This is the way most people come to hate marijuana; you're hammered at a party and have therefore no trouble trying this "dangerous" drug that you wouldn't dare try sober... However it's always nice to drink after you've smoked - that way it's more controllable and you'll have a fun evening :)

    Set and setting:
    This is important whenever you're trying a new drug. Make sure that you're not sad, upset, worried, etc. when smoking as that can affect the high in a negative way. Also make sure that you feel safe where you are. The first couple of times you smoke, smoke at home (or some place where you feel equally safe and comfortable) and make sure that there isn't anyone around who shouldn't know that you're smoking and that no one else visits you until the next day. The fear of getting caught is amplified too. (Thanks to Matt/H and Grunge for reminding me about this)

    Okay, but what do we do if we get paranoia anyway? I can answer that question with one word: sugar. Sugar works against TCH and will therefore decrease the amount of TCH in your body and ease the trip. Eat lots of sugar even if you feel like puking. You'll walk around feeling bad but after a couple of minutes you'll feel all the badness disapear and you'll be able to continue where you left off.

    Beside sugar, if you get the paranoia just place yourself in whatever position is comfortable. I find taking a walk helpful and lying still making it worse. Other people might have it vice versa. Remind yourself that marijuana isn't dangerous and it's only your brain fooling you. Remind yourself that everything is going to be allright in an hour or so - it isn't a permanent condition and will never be. Also just think of stuff that might make you feel happy - try to find a positive emotion that's stronger than the fear (love, happiness, etc.).

    Then what about the future - will I be fighting this paranoia for the rest of my life if I keep on toking? No you won't. When you become a seasoned toker you'll know when you've had enough and be able to stop in time. I never get the paranoia anymore, unless I'm drunk and smoke (which sadly happens too often - I'm not a seasoned drinker ;)).

    That's it. Keep this in mind and happy toking :smoking:
  2. 4. Don't be a pussy
    Reference reality - it's just weed
  3. Lol. Well, that's kinda what I explain in the last part of my post
  4. 5. If you are feeling uneasy or worried don't smoke.

    If your feeling nervous before you smoke those feeling will only amplify after you smoke.
  5. Only rule-----------> don't be a pussy.
    If u feel paranoid chill da fuk out eat sumthin listen 2 sum music and ignore it don't trip or else ur a pussy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks, I forgot about that.
  7. the first time i smoked i had a huge panic attack but i just saidto myself, its only pot i wont die and im fine, then i enjoyed the rest of the evening

  8. Hey man you sound and must be exactly like me. What you wrote here is SPOT ON!!:hello:

    Great little article thanks
  9. 6. Smoke in a place you are comfortable smoking at.

    If you are an inexperienced smoker, avoid smoking in places you do not feel comfortable smoking at. (i.e. don't smoke outside of your window knowing your parents are home, in a public place, or a place where police are able to drive by or confront you.)

    I dont get paranoia anymore.
  10. Also forgot about that. Think I'll just go back to the three dont's and add a set and setting section. Thanks y'all :)
  11. mikleottesen. good thread, im sure it will help unexperience smokers. i memeber my like i think 4th time getting high when i was a kid i totally tripped out i thought i was going to die. i just prayed and asked God not to kill me (i know it was dramatic but i was high)
  12. Just trying to help those who shall carry on our legacy. Might be a wrong choice of words as I'm only 18 myself, but still.. :)
  13. One of my first times smoking a started thinking i was having a stroke or something because the left side of my body got numb and my chest hurt, but then in like 15 mins i forgot why i was freaking out and felt better :)
  14. ive seen people get VERY paranoid for very stupid reasons. JUST CALM DOWN. If something if worrying you before you smoke and you have a good chance of being caught which is the cause of your paranoia maybe you shouldnt be smoking at that time. Simple as that.
  15. paranoia over nothing happens when you smoke too much.
  16. music really calms me down when i get paranoid
  17. I don't mean to be facetious but, once and a while I would become paranoid even in the comfort and safety of my own home. Do you want to know when I wasn't paranoid ? When I spent two weeks in Colorado and I was smoking in someone's rented condo. What a relief that was knowing that I could spark one up, day or night, and not have to worry about the police knocking on my door and ruining my high. Those two weeks rocked.
  18. I dont place a drop of trust in any of that shit about the sugar.but most of everything else is pretty good, I'd add: put some chill music on and lie down, and take small hits. Bigger hits get you higher than small hits (just like 2 big swigs of vodka will get you drunker than 10 small sips)

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