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How to ask

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Liziie, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. I'm just started smoking within the past year but I always do it with friends so I've never had to get it myself. I have a friend that I just found out is a dealer. What do I say to him? and how much should I get?
  2. You just have to ask really. Just something like, "hey, would I be able to buy some bud?" So long as it is a private conversation between the two of you, he really wouldn't have much to complain about. If you've only recently started smoking, $20-$30 worth should be more than enough to get you a good high, and just about any dealer would be cool to sell this amount.
  3. I would say you should get maybe a gram or so. Ask the dealer for an amount in weight, not in dollars. And I agree with IDTENT about how to ask.

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  4. You said he was your friend, so you'll be fine. Just ask if you can pick up some bud from him. A dealer is a dealer. They're always down for another sale. Probably a gram to an eighth. Small purchase to start your guy's relationship as well to sample his product.

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  5. Yeah I would say if it's dank weed buying a gram should be enough for you but if it's not thank quality an eighth should hold you over for a while

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