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How to ask your dealer not to hustle you that hard.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stonehead420, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Guys I need a serious answer here. My dealer hustles me HARD all the fucking time and I've been wasting lots and lots of money due to his hustling. I understand when you need money you have to hustle quite a bit. I bought a 40 a couple days ago of some fair quality stuff and all my friends agreed with me that that was not by any means a 40. It was about .8 or so. Please help! I need some advice on how to stop this bullshit.(btw I don't know any other dealer because my old one quit selling)
    1. you buy a scale
    2. you weigh the weed before handing over cash
    3. stop acting like a push over...

    and your dealer is RIPPING YOU OFF...not hustling..
  2. When you buy it look at it before you hand him the money and say im not buying this its to small. How do you even buy a .8 for 40$? Jus saying something or dont buy cause thats a huge rip
  3. tell him you won't buy a sack if its skimpy? Shit, make sure he weighs it out in front of you, or bring your own scale and say you won't buy it unless you get to weight it to make sure, because you think you've been getting shorted.

    if all else fails, say fuck it and find a new dealer; plenty of cool people sell bud, and you can easily end up making friends with them, getting you even better deals and when you know and trust them you always know that what you're getting is spot on, if it happens to not be they will surely compensate you for their mistake.

    People who mess around selling weed and rip people off like that don't deserve to be selling the stuff, and definitely don't deserve buyers, if I were you I'd never go to the guy again the first time he ripped me off, but I understand that not everybody has the connections to do that and still be able to buy
  4. i got a good one.... dont buy from him or tell him you can get it cheaper elsewhere
  5. Dude I don't mean to be rude, but you sound like a huge pussy. sounds like you're a push over as this is no where near a question that deserves a thread, simple common sense and standing up for yourself.
  6. A "40" whatever that is I'm just going to assume an 8th should be 3.5g. If I were you I'd brush up on your weed terminology such as Dub, 8th, Quarter, Half O, Zip or Ounce. Then know the weights 1g, 3.5g, 8g, 14g, and finally 28g.

    Dealers won't hesitate to rip you off when you are like, "Yo bro, can you hook up a 40?"

    A 40 is a 40 Ounce Beer silly.
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    I'm assuming he means 40 as in 40-sack, which is in my weed terminology. It's usually used if you want something that's not a "standard" weight (i.e. not a g, eighth, half, or whatever) or if you want to bargain with your dealer to get a little more in your bag.

    OP, for $40 you should get at least 2 grams (and that's in the areas with shitty weed prices)

    EDIT: I will admit though, just saying "40" is a little confusing without a reference to what it is
  8. Dude. .8

    How do you look at a sac, see that it's obviously not 4 grams and be like, "I guess this will do." No, grab your nuts firmly and don't pay for that shit. Your dealer is a dick and you are a pushover.
  9. RL no need for insulting man, He just came for advice. Friend my advice is the same as everyone else's. Bring a scale and remember reg sandwich baggies weigh 1g and those zip locks are usually 2g's. Hope you find a wonderful dealer who does people right. At one point that was a commodity but lately seems like its becoming more and more scarce..even in my area

  10. You really should be doing this for every time you buy
  11. New dealer?
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    [quote name='"cball"']
    [*]you buy a scale
    [*]you weigh the weed before handing over cash
    [*]stop acting like a push over...

    and your dealer is RIPPING YOU OFF...not hustling..[/quote]

    And hustlin doesnt have to mean rippin you but if u got less than a g for 4o the dude must have seen you a mile away.thats more than a ripoff.thats stealing str8 up.what you got for $2o would be a ripoff. Youre kind of askin for it tho by being so ignorant on the shit ur buyin.hes chargin you over double. That guys playin you for a fool.
    And op how much did you think you were gettin?
  13. .8 for forty? just so you know he will continue until you stop. next time you want to pickup say im bringing a scale and if its not exact im not buying it. he will probably never answer because that is the only reason why he is selling to you. he will just move to other people he can rip off, just like you should move on to a better dealer.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. if you are willing to pay $40 for .8 then you are ripping yourself off.
    assuming you live in a non mmj state....its usually $20/g

    you honestly can't tell me that you believed .8 was 2 grams...
  16. Seriously, just tell him that shit you got before didn't weigh out, and ask him to use a scale this time. I really wouldn't try to get him to even things out with you, what you bought is said and done. Just let him know that from this point on you'd like to see your shit on the scale.
  17. 1. Put youre hands in youre pants and confirm you are in fact a male.
    2. tell him to stop ripping you off and weight it in front of you.

    jeez kid does this kinda stuff happen to you alot or what?
  18. First off you're gettin ripped off hard. Second all you have to do is call his ass out if you're scared or some shit then just stop talking to his ass. You should not be getting 0.8 for 40 fucking dollars that is a shady ass hole of a dealer if anything you should get what you payed for or hooked up not .8.........SMDH
  19. Find a new dealer with set prices and amounts

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