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How to ask neighbors if they smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by taxiv3, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. So occasionally I walk in my apartment and smell a hint of weed and considering Im a weekend smoker I would never report it nor be against it. So last weekend I invited the girls above us (who I thought smoked) and invited them to a small party we were having. They let us into there apartment briefly and there was a hooka on the table in there living room plus it smell really dank in there. Since I didn't want to ask at that moment since it would of made my roommate uncomfortable who was with me. I know for a fact they smoke but don't know how I can ask them if we can smoke together without being super awkward about it any tips since I would have to go knock on there door
  2. What I like to do: *sniff loudly* “smells good!”

    I’m a maintenance guy tho so that actually scares the shit out of a lot of people. Which is hilarious
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  3. That's hilarious but how can I do that while knocking on there door without seeming sketchy.
  4. In that particular situation, there’s not really a way to.... BUT maybe invite them over and “accidentally” have some glass or a little ground bud out on the table

    “Oops did I leave that there?”
  5. I usually ask "do you smoke weed?"
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  6. It sounds like you have invited them over in the past. Just invite them over again and ask if they want to smoke, if they say no, you can always ask if they mind if you partake.
  7. It sounds like they are not at all the type of people who'd be offended by such a question, I wouldn't overthink it, I'd just ask what's up. You might get some good new smoking buddies out of it.

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  8. ahaha I remember in my early days of smoking blazing a blunt with some friends and some guy (I think he was landscaping the building we were by) said something like that and I got super paranoid. He was right though smelled pretty awesome.
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  9. No problem, mayne!

  10. That’s so funny dude, narcs don’t say that kinda stuff.... at least in my experience so don’t quote me on that lololol.

    Today I was changing a light that’s right outside this apartment and this girl comes out and the stank hits me like a train. I did the ol “smells good” and oh my god the look she gave me....:lmafoe: I wish you coulda seen it. Like she saw a ghost.... while the ghost was murdering someone. Practically pure terror.

    I didn’t even get a chance to lighten the moment for her before she disappeared down the stairs. Oh well:confused_2:
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  11. So many people worrying... all over the fact that they smoked a plant that the government decided to make illegal. Smh. This is why aliens don't fucking visit us.
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  12. If aliens visited us, they’d kill us all within the first hour of explaining society
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  13. Ask them about the hooka, knock on the door and say something like, "Sorry to bother you, but I know nothing about hookas and I've been thinking a bit about trying one. I noticed you have one and wondered if you could show me how to use it sometime." If they left it out when you came over they are open to talking about it. They might also have been leaving it out on purpose so they could ask you the same question you wanted to ask them ("could we smoke together sometime?").
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