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How To Ask For An Dome And Nail Set At A Smoke Shop?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420glass, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. i know you cant say bong or reference weed at all, but i want to start dabbing. how do i ask the owner about a dome and nail set?

  2. titanium nail or oil dome. they also have oil rigs
  3. essential oil vaporizing equipment, if you live in a super strict state... or e-liquid, like the liquid in the electronic cigarette cartridges... it's not unreasonable that one prefer their nicotine filtered through water whether it's in the form of dry pipe tobacco or "e-liquid."
    concentrate glass is also an acceptable term in most places.
    titanium nail for sure...
    if you're hesitant to ask for a dabber, hot stick and wand should do the trick! you can always just ask to see their selection of titanium (or stainless steel) tools
  5. You wanna say tobacco extracts. You will either wanna grab the whole piece designed for concentrates (like a recycler that will come with a nail and dome) or if your looking to add it onto one of your pieces look for a male adapter (14mm-14mm or 19mm-19mm depending on bowl size needed. You need a glass on glass fitting (NOT PULL-OUT) if your looking for the attachments on your piece. I highly reccomend a highly educated Ti nail, but admit glass gives off a much better taste, just not durable. 

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