How to ask a girl if she's dtf.

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  1. This girl that I don't like texted me and said I was cute. I don't care if I offend her because all I want to get from here is either some head or ass. What should I ask her? I was thinking of saying " you wanna top me off before school tomorrow?" but I was thinking that's to straight forward.
  2. that is a little strange, you want her to think theres something in it for her aswell... maybe just ask her if she wants to 'see you' at the weekend. If you ask her if shes D'TF' youve got bigger balls than me, although maybe thats why i never got wanked off before school - not sure i missed too much.
  3. want to fuck?
  4. i'd be a little more discrete on the phone. "hey i think you are dead sexy lets get a drink"

    somethin like that she's clearly into you and will know what that means. then you can be more straight forward and she'll be into it
  5. Really? Stop now. Change your life. Get a good woman. Don't use her.
  6. If you don't care about offending her than why did you make a thread instead of just asking her. That's a rhetorical question btw. Just ask her to have sex.
  7. Yea just ask her dude bitches are hoes in disguise
  8. [quote name='"Molly420"']
    Really? Stop now. Change your life. Get a good woman. Don't use her.


    Terrible advice.

    Ask her if she wants to slob on your knob. Or if she is tryina get FUCKED.
  9. [quote name='"Molly420"']
    Really? Stop now. Change your life. Get a good woman. Don't use her.


    Alright grandma. Sheesh...

    So she said your cute. Just be like "so are you girl, we should chill before school tomorrow ;)"
  10. What should I say
  11. How do you guys just like have casual sex?
    I just don't understand it. What about her feelings.
    Like shouldn't you be considerate of her. ask her if she feels like being used?
    How do you guys do it. Just fuck then leave?Without caring about her or who she is.
    Or how many other guys she has fucked? For all you know she could be herpes infested.
  12. Better ask her, "got some lube mamajama?"

  13. woah-man, you're really negative. pretty sure it's an acceptable part of our culture these days to just have a purely casual sexual relationship, though feelings almost always evolve. that's another story.. a story of estrogen, we don't like those types 'round these parts huck-a-muck!

  14. Stay on topic
  15. Stay on topic
  16. This girl for sure is a time traveler, for her mentality is so 19th century-esque.
  17. ask her to hangout, make a move and see what happens. just be straight with her about not wanting a relationship.
  18. oh molly your so funny?

    you aint jumped a bone n opted out his door? if yuo use her least use your tongue once if smells okay

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