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How to approach Parents.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ElmSt, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Okay, Here's the story.

    I am joining the RAAF (Royal Australian Air - Force) In about 8 months.
    I have been smoking since I was 17 so about a year and a half.
    Never smoked/kept anything inside my house because my mum would not approve.

    But the thing is I have thought it over and I have decided I am going to approach my mum/step dad and talk to them about it.

    My mum is very educated on Marijuana and knows it is safe, She use to smoke when she was like 19 but only for like a few months with my dad. I had a conversation with her about different drugs and shit, then I kind of asked the "But why is Marijuana Illegal if it is safe" etc etc even though I am very educated on Marijuana.. but my mum doesn't know that.

    I am 99.9% sure she doesn't know I smoke or has ever tried it.

    So what should I say so that she doesnt just flip out straight away.. need like a calm few opening lines.

    (I am also planning on showing her The Union)
  2. "how'd you react if i told you i smoked pot?"
  3. Guess I could do that.
  4. Mom knowws all. All I got to say about that.
  5. i used to have a sticker on my bedroom door as a teenager that read,
    "mom and dad, i use drugs"
  6. I told my mom to smoke some herb with me jokingly and I make weed comments all the time around her.

    Then one day I left some weed cookies in my truck so I went out to get them and I came back in and my mom was like what did you go out for, and I was like i left something in the car, she was like what, and I said some cookies and showed her the bag, she was like let me have one I was like no, and she said what are they weed cookies I said ya and then shut more door behind me.

    Then I was in the back smoking out of a waterfall bong and my parents room window is right above where i was smoking, well for some reason they had there window open that is never open and when I blew out I here my mom open there door to the deck and she was like who is that I was like its me mom, and she was like is that fox out there it always smells so funny and I'm like no mom thats weed.

    Now I don't have to hide my stash anymore

    My mom dropped acid before and smoked a tiny bit when she was young so she is cool about those things and she always tells me she doesn't want to smoke that schwag only chronic. If your parents are chill you will no it and they will be totally chill, but if you don't feel comfortable telling it to them then don't unless you really have to tell them.
  7. But shes always been accepting of drugs.. Well to a certain extent. But she has always been 'anti-me' smoking.

  8. so what good would come out of you tellin her????

    let your parents be proud of you man, keep it on a dont ask dont tell policy.....
  9. Because I would rather not have to go behind my back around her,

    Have to be deceitful about what I do etc.. Just would make me feel more comfortable.
  10. you shouldn't be worrying man its your life you should be grown enough to know your shit u know wat i mean
  11. That is telling them you do it. Someone who doesnt smoke wouldnt ask that question.
  12. Tell them in addition to joining the air force you're also going to become a cannabis law reformer.

    Tell them the atrocities caused by the prohibition are so great that you feel compelled to take this stand in order to see them ended.

    17 people a day are murdered by the cartels in order to protect their drug routes into the U.S. These murders will end when marijuana is legalized.
  13. lol my mom found out by stumbling upon my stash. she did the typical parent snap out, but then she realized, i only have 1 kidney... and as a teenager thats terrible. so she understands my alternate source of partying.

    i use my downfall, as my advantage ;)

    she laid a strict ground rule that if i get busted, shes not bailing me out. and my dad dosnt want the shit in the house.

    but hey, i can live with that
  14. So true. So when she says "I'd say get the fuck out of my house" you'll be left stammering like an idiot in some crappy teenage comedy :p

    I'd say try to bring it up in a normal conversation - steer toward the topic of her doing drugs and ask her if she'd ever permit you to try them under the supervision of a close friend/herself. If she says yes you can smoke weed for the 'first time' ;) If she says no then I'd steer clear of telling her for a while.
  15. My mom found out I smoked (about a month ago) by walking into my room when I was scraping my pipe.. then we had a heart-to-heart and she gave me all of her old pipes, showed me HER new ones, and now lets me get a Nug or two from her stash every week as long as I let her sample the stuff I get. :D I thought she'd be disappointed with me, but then I found out she smokes just as much as I do and obviously hides it just as well.

    9 times out of 10, it's always worse in your head. Just explain it to her, and explain how it's never caused any problems in your life. I mean, up until now, she didn't even KNOW right? Can't be too much of a disturbance in your life. That's what I would do.

    And I agree 100%, it's much easier if your parents know. When they know, you don't feel guilty. When they don't know, even if you're not doing anything you'd deem as "wrong," you still feel abit guilty doing it behind their back. Atleast I did, personally.

    Another option: Wait until something is on TV about legalization, even better if it's pro-legalization or a debate on the news or something. When it comes on, just say "What do you think of it? I don't see a problem with Marijuana" or whatever. Ask what she thinks. If it's pretty positive, you can slip in the fact that you've done it and dont see any problems with it, eventually letting her know it's a frequent thing. If she says something thats negative against weed, you're not put into a place where you've admitted any thing, and you don't have to say anything about your use and it won't seem like an odd question.
  16. Mannnn, why do people keep this fantasy in their mind about them going up to their parents like, "Hey mom, I'm 18, I'm an adult and I know it's your house, and your rules that I SHOULD be following till I get my own place, buuuut, I smoke what you consider to be a 'drug', and you need to just let me smoke and be understanding." It ain't ever gonna go down well, just sneak that shit, keep it to yourself to avoid any hardship, don't stir trouble in the family if it can be avoided, it ain't cool. I'm about to turn 23 and goddamn, time fucking FLIES, I pay my bills now, do what I want. Smoke when I want in whatever room in MY APARTMENT out of whatever device I feel like using at the time. My parents still don't know, they never did and they never will, but I'll tell my kids about my views when that time comes. Respect your parents view on the matter and stick it out, just as you'll hope your kids respect your house some day.
  17. #17 Jamie_Shay, Jun 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2009

    (this is Shay)

    ok well maybe you should be straight up with her about what you do, since you want her to know the hidden part of you.

    if your mother was how all parents were at your age (i assume), then they must have dabbled in pot, especially in the 60-70s.

    when i was young, it was available to me as a clinic study to see if it benefited me with my health issues. Now i approached my mom about smoking weed, we had a long discussion....even her thoughts of it wasnt a good idea yet i wanted to try it.

    she sparked up with me and made sure that i was safe and not going around doing it in some alley or behind her back (like you i respected my moms consideration about my decisions in life)

    if you like sit down and talk to your mom and tell her "mom i want to tell you something that you might not like or approve of, but i would like to share this with you." since you got her in a calm sense of mind you can let her know that you smoke, how long you have smoked and the benefit of smoking weed. before she can say "i hate that you smoke", you can tell her that you chose weed over all drugs including prescription medication to abuse because weed benefited you doing stressful times as well as medicinal (if you have medical problems).

    you might want to tell her that you plan on stopping because of the air force career (even if its not true completely, you know you have to stop in case you get drug tested)
  18. Fuck me. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    That reflects me in every way,

    I KNOW my mum will never kick me out or cut me off. EVER.

    The worst thing that I fear will happen is that she will be disappointed in me. That I have let her down some how.

    But I am quite sure that If I say all those things and have a good talk to her about it then i'm sure she will be understanding.
    I have had alot of shit go down in my life. Never been depressed but it is definitely Issues that could push someone 'over the edge'

    As I grew up I didn't really have many rules to follow, But if I wanted to go out at night or something, All she wanted to know was that I was "safe"

    And yes I do have to stop when I join the Air-Force. I am 100% ready for that and have no thoughts on going back.

    Thanks Alot, +Rep.
  19. just be honest and real with her about why you smoked. it might bring up some issues that may concern her about why you did and how safe you are being. even thought you are gonna stop for the air force; it might disappoint her a bit but it might relief her that you came to her and was honest about the situation.
    just be ready for a long talk and have some tissues for your mom just in case.
  20. You should tell her man, i kept it from my mum for 2 years, and it starts to make ya feel guilty lieing for so long so in the end i told her, and she went crazy, but im still glad she knows and now she aint to bothered :hello::smoking:

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