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How to approach new dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by texan 420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hey all, I've been lurking here for some time, and I've seen lots of the good advice that you guys have posted. Unfortunatley im in kind of a pickle here and I could use some advice myself.

    My old dealer was a good friend of mine who first got me started smoking. He stopped selling after his parents caught him and sent him to rehab(hes 17). So I asked around and one of my other friends gave me the phone number of a guy who apparently sells weed. The problem is my friend doesnt smoke and so i cant just go with him when he gets a hookup, and I've never really bought pot from anyone other than my friends.

    I dont want to scare him off or come off the wrong way by just calling him and saying "hey do you sell pot?"

    What do you guys recommend?
  2. If i was you i wouldnt even go after that dealer if you dont have anyone that knows him to go with you because you never know ive heard of people getting shot over dimes. I say you keep asking around your other friends until one goes with you to the dealers house.

  3. thats right. get some toker friend wholl take you to his dealer once, and ask for a phone number that time.
  4. word, only go to someone if yer boy can vouch for ya
  5. Begin the conversation bye saying. wuts up man, i got your number from so and so. usually their will be a pause while the dealer thinks of how he knows the person you named. if he connects the person with weed he will probably say oh okay and you will proceed with your transaction
  6. No you can go after him just come up to him slowly but not to slow.

    "Hey man wats up"
    "My friend so and so gave me your number and said you could maybe help me out with a sack"
  7. keep it basic:

    Hi this is (your name) I'm a friend of (your friends name) and i was wondering if I could get a (g, dub, quarter, whatever)

    That's how I do it
  8. dont say weed or bud, say "Sack" or some other word that doesnt give a cop reason for a warrent. Not saying that the dealers a cop, but u ave to put yourself in the dealers shoes, he dont want no trouble from the po's
  9. Okay I'm new to the area I live in...I need to find a can anyone help me?...I live in Albany NY
  10. This is probably the best way. Exactly what I said to my current dealer when I first called him last year. I felt sketchy as SHIT the first time I called him and subsequently went to his house. Once we finally met, I could tell he was cool as shit. Now, we're pretty good friends, anytime I call him he just asks how much I want to buy :D
  11. na just run up to him with a jason hockey mask
  12. i was also wondering if is rude to ask the dealer if i can weigh it out in front of him with my own scale if he doesnt have one
  13. LOL .....

    but on the real just phone him and say 'hey (insert friends name who gave you number here) gave me this number and told me you could hook me up, have you got anything for me?'

    and REMEMBER if this guy is a dealer he wants buisness and wants your money so why would he reject you? and if he does reject you, you know that he is a lame ass wannabe.

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