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How to Approach Neighbor who may Sell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WhosGotDank, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Ok so ive seen my neighbor do some shady hand transactions lately. Tonight I walked outside after one happens and the guy (who I think) was buyings ride drove away immediately. I'm almost sure hes selling something. As a side note he is middle eastern descent if that helps
  2. probably sells some nice Moroccan hash
  3. Yea when my mom came over to visit she made a comment about them smoking a hookah and having no furniture or something.
    Thats funny, I have middle eastern neighbors who smoke hookah and have almost no furniture. Definitely smoke pot too hahaha
  5. Ask him. They have a different culture. And it isn't considered an offense. Especially if he is a business man. But he may not be slinging bud.
  6. He must be selling bombs, better call the government to raid his oil.

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  7. Be careful. If he's not selling bud it may be wise to keep to yourself and let him do his thing.

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  8. Funny that u mention raids, there was a standoff followed by a raid on our neighbors house like a week ago.
  9. The one who you think sells weed? If so, then he probably sells some sort of drug

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  10. Simple...fuckin ask idiot

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  11. #11 WhosGotDank, Feb 6, 2014
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    Nah man the guy with the apartment between us. He had all kinds of guns it was crazy I walked outside when I saw a cop with an assault rifle outside my window and he pointed it at me and I ran inside high af haha.
  12. Ive always been friendly to my neighbors, the day i move in. At least i try to be.

    If i was in your position, and he was my neighbor i would of been smoking blunts with him ages ago

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