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How to approach my neighbors who smoke.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sparten420, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. So today is my birthday and I just came back from my neighbors house which smelled like complete weed. It smelled amazing. But I want to smoke with them. What should I say or should I not say? My neighborhood is a really calm place and the houses are a good way apart so I know the smell couldn't have drifted.
  2. Go over with a doob and ask if they wanna smoke with you. Pretty simple to do.
  3. "As I was meandering down the street on this magnificent afternoon, I found myself quickly surrounded by the pungent smell of the beautiful ganj, SO ***** WHERE THE WEED AT?"
  4. Where da weed at?
  5. Leave 'em a J on their doorstep and say if your down come over to your (right or left) neighbors house.
  6. Lol but I got no weed right now. Im getting it in the morning.
  7. be like

    ... smells like ganj in here, wanna burn one?
  8. just be like

    "i know this a quiet neighborhood, but it smells like yall be smoking on that LOUD"
  9. Man I'm tempted.
  10. This guy wins.
  11. ask if they want to smoke weed and if they say no be like "HA you fell for it dumbass'
  12. Lol imma do that when I get some. This guy has my vote
  13. Do they know it's your bday? If so perhaps go over and say, "I couldn't help but notice the smell earlier... And I was wondering if I could smoke with you guys since it's my birthday but I can't get any until tomorrow. I'll return the favor once I get some."

    Since you were over at their place I'm assuming that you guys are close, if not then defiantly wait until pick up and follow the above advice.
  14. Lol they said its an incense that sort of angels like it.
  15. lol..if you ever do smoke with them....wait till yer about to hit it and be like..

    'so this is that marijuana stuff huh? Man, I always wanted to try this stuff!'

    I always do that when I smoke with new people...it fuckin freaks em out.
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    lol old mister rogers ass niqqa take some homemade biscuits over there
  17. walk in and franticly sniff the air for a few seconds then abruptly stop and just look at them with a grin on your face :)
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    are the black? if so proceed with caution.

    if not, next time you see them outside n u got bud just ask em if they wanna smoke, or match or whatever..

    or if your on mooch status and u see them smokin u can always ask to get down on ro to

    Racism is not tolerated here. Mat369
  19. if they were smart, theyd grab the J, look around, and go back in the house and act like it never happened
  20. Really man? What issue do you have with black people

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