How to approach a random girl without it being awkward?

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  1. So heres the story first. Today I was just walking around campus waiting for my next class to start. I walk near the library and I notice this cute chick. I decided to walk by her to get a closer look. She was talking to some older guy (idgaf who that fool was hahaha). Anyways I walk by and she kind of turns her body toward me and gives me this huge smile (while she was in the middle of her convo). I smiled back and continued walking. She was fucking beautiful and really gave me this strange feeling that I had to talk to her. I looked back and she was gone already.

    Ive never been in a relationship (I'm 19) and haven't had much luck with the ladies (my shyness doesn't help ) so Im just looking for any advice really. I plan on going to the library around the same time next week to see if I can run into her (stalker? lol)

    If you don't want to read much just help me with this:
    -How do I appraoch a random girl I don't know?
    -What should I say?
    etc etc....

  2. Just walk up to her and say HEY Im ______

    option 1 if you want : I noticed you were eyeing me :)<<<smile

    option 2: And I just wanted to say your really pretty

    option 3: could you help me find building 420 you looked like the samrtest chick the in area

    option 4: whats your name beautiful

  3. Hahaha I like option #3 the most. If she smokes that'd fucking awesome. Im such a pussy when it comes to the ladies tho. I guess I just have to sack up. My school isn't that big so hopefully I see her again.
  4. Yea man Im the same way, just be yourself if shes interested the convo will flow and just try to keep it going. Hope that shes talkative and that will make it easier. good luck:wave:
  5. Go up to her and say "Want to make 20 dollars the easy way?" but seriously I wouldn't tell them their pretty if they are they hear it all the time and most of those guys are thinking about one thing don't associate yourself with them.

  6. Hmm I see what your saying.

    Any GC girls out their that can give me some advice?
  7. anyone else?
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  9. Craigslist Bro

  10. I see were you going with this. Making it short and quick. Thanks for the advice

    I just don't know what to bring up.

    It might sound weird but I seriously never crushed on a girl this hard and I haven't even met her lol. And she's not like the sexiest girl either she was just beautiful. I probably sound lame but its true :eek:
  11. Honestly, maybe you should let that one pass and try to learn from it. I like the second post. If you ask an honest question, it helps and eliminates awkwardness. Go with the flow. :cool:

  12. what about it :confused:
  13. I think the older guy she was talking to was her suggar daddy and she was trying to tell you that you don't have a chance with a big smile.

    What a nice lady.

  14. Yea maybe. If I happened to see her again I just want to be prepared, Or even another girl catches my eye. feel me?

    Im not slick with the ladies so any advice helps
  15. Walk up to her and have your number writtwn down and say these exact words.
    Do you know what a princess is?
    Well call me when you wanna be treated like one.

  16. No not at all. If anything he was hitting on her and she thought it was awkward so she looks at me ;)

  17. hahaha im fasho remembering this one. Thanks!!
  18. I love your optimism.

    Good luck next time.

    Oh, and next time, don't hesitate.

    Just go for it.

  19. Missed Encounters

  20. Thanks man will do

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