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how to administer cannabis for depression?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by WS6cheese, May 6, 2011.

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    i am posting for a friend and for myself

    i have slight depression its not severe but if i smoke i feel that my stress and factors that cause it is lessened to a manageable degree and i am able to focus on the current task at hand since most of what is on my mind

    my friend has not smoked or eaten before and said would like to try the NATURAL substances over pharmaceutical anti depression and anti psychotics :hello: this guy has never wanted to do shit his entire life and feels like a worthless sack of human as he so calls himself. This guy wants to make a change so eating right, exercising, and cannabis is what he says and would like to eventually not use cannabis and feel good. if ceasing the use of cannabis for depression would the patient require it?

    i would like to know which few strains are going to be best to bring back motivation and overall sense of well being.

    and how would one to take it? i.e) if using a bong, would one put just enough in the bowl to feel the head change and again the same amount when you feel the depression coming back until sleep?
  2. I do not use MJ medicinally. But I know from my personal experiece, if your not use to smoking a couple of pinches should be enough to take away the edge of things.
  3. Make sure you use the search function in the right area of the toolbar (next to New Posts) and type in 'depression'. You'll get loads of information.

    I don't think there is any one set amount that is right. I assume that your friend might need a heavier dose since it sounds like he's use to prescriptions... but then again not smoking before. Hmm.

    Try to find what works for you both on an individual level, keep notes about what highs you liked and what ones you didn't. I know someone just did a thread on strains, it should be one of the first ones that come up if you search 'depression' on the site.

    I'd also say it might be worthwhile to get a vaporizer instead of a bong. A head change would suggest going for Sativas. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much versed in Indicas because Sativas make me too jittery. I would like to mention that Mr. Nice Guy is an excellent strain for that overall sense of well being, thus the strain's name.

    GL. :smoke:
  4. Princess,

    This list from Granny Storm Crow is loaded with information on studies with MMJ and depression. Scroll down to page 6. It may contain the information you seek.

  5. Don't abuse the drug.
    This is going to create a major dependence. You cannot rely on any drugs to fix depression. Any negative feelings of selfworth are created solely by our own perception of who we are. You can be high on pills or weed all day long, but you are still going to have a feeling of uncertainty and sadness. You need to change the aspects of yourself (and your friend) that make you feel this way. There's a reason for it, and I highly doubt you dont have the capability to solve it without drugs.
    Use weed every once in a while. But your plan right now is going to lead to you just being high out of your mind all day so you can forget, and letting life pass you by
  6. It doesn't have to be the way you describe.

    I agree that depression can indicate you have personal problems that need dealing with, but the idea that medicines, whether natural or pharmaceutical, cannot help, is erroneous. It simply means that, in addition to taking medicine, you have to be pro-active about working on the aspects of your life that you feel are disappointing you.

    Some people are so down that they need that initial kick in the pants from anti-depressants or cannabis to get them started on the road to recovery.

    I've been taking both cannabis and mainstream anti-depressants to help my depression, and I can assure you I'm not moping and letting life pass me by. On the contrary, my experience with anti-depressant meds, and especially cannabis, was that they let life in for the first time in a long time.

    Before meds and cannabis I was cutting myself and self-medicating with alcohol. Nothing mattered, nothing was ever going to change, and nothing felt good anymore. The anti-depressants helped me to fight the suicidal urges until I wasn't having them anymore, and the cannabis is now opening my eyes to the pleasures of life that I hadn't been able to enjoy in a long time.

    Since I started on cannabis my alcohol consumption has become extremely limited, and I now don't have trouble stopping with one or two drinks. I have begun exercising regularly again, rediscovering old activities I once enjoyed, and even working on getting the place cleaned up a bit. I'm still not 100%, but I'm getting better, and I have hope that I will.

    I wouldn't call myself majorly dependant, either, I consume cannabis once or twice a week and a quarter lasts me a month. Since I'm so new to weed I occasionally experiment with dosage and such, but I'm motivated to keep my consumption down based on studies that say small amounts of cannabis are helpful to depression, but larger amounts can exascerbate the problem.

    Anyway, I just wanted to offer a contrasting opinion based on my personal experiences.

  7. OP, your question is an interesting topic for me as mmj is becoming more like pharmaceuticals will administration in the future become narrowed for certain ailments? Like any other approved medicine, the FDA regulates the suggested dosage and its specific usage eg. aspirin for headache. but everyone knows that we don't take Mylanta for a sore ankle, etc. but with mmj in general it's still in a grey area.. budtenders are the ones making the real decisions on what strains are good/bad for a particular ailment of a new patient that's never smoked or only smoked a few times, not the mmj doctors - they are only prescribing mmj in general. I'm not saying that I would want that regulated, but sometimes I don't exactly agree with certain aspects of which strain budtenders recommend for things. Now that there are 20 billion OG's and strains floating around it makes the administration process even more difficult... any ideas or comments about this?
  8. natural things, to HELP if cannabis don't do it(yeah it's helpful but come on its not a SUPER MIRACLE plant, just one of god MANY helpful plants)
    try to get him into gardening, if he doesn't have much space look up square foot gardening, really helps to calm your soul and mkae you feel evenly happy and content
    focus on self suffinciecy i find has helped me to feel less depressed or angry about living near the end of the current sociatal(sp? or is this even a word?) cycle and watching people just give their freedoms away out of fear and misunderstanding

    seriously though, gardening is a good natural anti depressant imho
  9. Sativas would make him motivated and uppy but possibly freak him out alittle.
    However I used pure indicas for my depression and controlling mood swings, sativas just dont give me the kick i need to see the silver lining on everything in life:wave:

    Vaporizer is the best administer for sure, you wont get crushed and you wont get overly high just "medicated" works wonders. Plus your friend can exercise and what not without coughin a lung up, i workout everyday its a great stress reliever aswell. And can help boost your confidence. I stress that Diet is actually everything, become a ova vergitarian or just get of that shit you dont need.

    Soon things will look alittle better and using marijuana wont exactly be the "omg im depressed musttt smokeee" itll be more like " ah i feel pretty good today but maybe theres just a little something bothering me in the back of my head but i can see the positive side to it, alright its not that bad i guess:D"
  10. so far i havn't found anything to give me enough of a kick to keep motivated and out of my current mind state... well honestly i'm trying to get over having my heart minced and diced to pieces with a putrid disease infected cleaver that screams death...

    i don't know what to do and its hard to keep suicidal thoughts, extreme rage, depression etc at bay...
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    besides gardening i think that refusing anymore medication from the doctors might help(half those anti depressants have side effects of worse depression, sucicidal thoughts etc) even if your not taking drugs with those side effects, the chemicals may be effecting your overall health in a negative way
    switch to a raw food diet(not uncooked, i mean all natural organic foods that weren't grown or processed with chemicals) eat more foods such as that, if possible get raw milk too(not really dangerous as propoganda would have you think)
    discover the true power of nature(because man made drugs only useful purpose in my opinion is as a last resort when nothing else will work)

    eat more salmon, spinach, eggs, soy milk, oatmeal, broccoli and blueberries, quinoa, actually might want to avoid hemp foods as omega 6(they mention it in meat) promotes inflamation(not sure what this has to do with depression) according to this site: Julie's Health Club: Foods to fight depression
    avoid processed foods as they generally lack nutrients, this includes any milk you'll find at the store, yea it still has good stuff but pasturizing kills the good bacteria making it hard to digest which is the cause of MOST peoples lactose intolerance also avoid alch and caffeine, look for more carbs in your diet and what not

    small amounts of bud might help in any form but too much has been shown to actually worsen it so not too much mj man
  12. ive personally never been on any meds but my friend has reported feeling a bit more natural w/ the cannabis.

    i'm making an effort so far to eat more food i just started eating breakfast 5 days ago and havnt done so for years...

    the break up added another giant weight of stress onto my already insecurity and depression...

    i find myself falling out of the high and into a vortex of negativity so i find myself smoking more weed or more small snappers, not a good idea im sure but ive already ripped my brain out today in terms of dealing with all the emotional pain
  13. well im no phycologist but i would def reccomend a natural food diet, see if there is a natural grocers in your area, and if you think you can handle it, look up square foot gardening and permaculture and combine some principles from that to start a garden, even if you don't start a garden this year, a lot of research should help to keep your mind off things
  14. maybe i should make a indoor grow box

    also how do i know when im smoking over the amount thats good?

    i.e) small dose of smoke = +1 to brain work
    i.e) over dose= -2 to depression

    how will i know ? im smoking a snap evry 2-4 hours or when ever my brain starts to get negative again...

    so im high for ap eriod of time where my depression isnt as bad but i still dont feel like doing shit...
  15. Marijuana Improves Depression in Low Doses, Worsens It in High Doses, Study Says - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News -

    this is from a mainstream media outlet so don't blindly believe it, read it and take it for face value, also some believe that it depends on the individual as to whether or not it helps, likely depends on the strain and what not too
    i'd say look for sativa heavy strains, may be harder to find so you might wanna grow your own
    but while growing i would suggest taking a tbreak the ENTIRE time and see if there are any changes as well as trying to switch to a natural food diet, you could be suprised how much of a difference diet makes with chronic issues such as depression, diet is the best way to treat depression, as depression is generally an inbalance that can be easily solved with correct diet
    if you do that, i would bet taht by the time your plant finishes, especially if its a sativa, you shouldn't have any issues with this man
    again im not a phyciatrist or whatever they are called but i really believe this is what you need

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