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How to add perc to bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hairynugs, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey i have a mini glass hvy, and i get bong water in my mouth alot so one suggestion i have got is to add a perc to it, here is a picture

  2. This post is hilarious if you read it in the voice of the guy from OP's picture.
  3. keeping it packed with ice would act as a splash guard somewhat
  4. You buy a new bong.

    Just fill it with less water, you really just need to ensure that the diffusers are submerged.
    Or just take it easier, you don't need to inhale hard and fast after you pull the bowl.

    Just my two cents!
  5. While that would work, it's not really what the OP asked. :p

    I'm not even sure if that'[s possible though dude. I mean, I GUESS you could put an unattached perc in there, and it could sit on the ashcather, maybe. But that doesn't really have the same effect of a real perc'd bong.

    Maybe a local glassblower could put one in?

    I'm honestly stumped how you would even do that...
  6. i need a tiny bong for the portablility and i could use ice but it fully melts everytime i milk it and then i have to put more in and empty the water out its really dumb

  7. use water that is colder? lol, i dunno
  8. How far up do you usually have the water? That could be part of the problem...
  9. right about the diffusion slits, im thinking it could be the diffusor maybe?
  10. If anything the diffuser helps. I have the HVY mini-beaker which did not come with the diffuser and it seems to me like any splash up I have is caused by the huge chugging bubbles coming out undiffused.

    If you hit the bong angled back, you will find that with the downstem straight up you do not need as much water as you do with it standing straight up. Decreasing the water level to that amount helped me a lot.

    This is why I went with the beaker and not the straight tube lol.
  11. ill try that,

    maybe a different kind of diffusor will help?
  12. kinda doubt that. Don't rip it as hard, it's real simple
  13. hot damn i'm sold :eek:
  14. If the water was just a TINY bit above the top slit, you tilted it back when you ripped it, and you didn't clear it like it was the last breath you were ever going to take then it doesn't really seem like you'll get water too bad.
  15. You melt a full stack of ice in one hit?? WTF?? Maybe you are pulling too hard. I've never seen someone milk a bong with ice, and when they clear the bong it's gone. That would actually be kinda awesome to see.

    But as far as I know you cannot add a perc to an already blown piece.
  16. it is cool but its really annoying
  17. I had a mini bong even smaller then that. I didnt get any splash back, are u sucking in like its ur last breath or what? Take it easy and just put enough water to get the bong working
  18. Whenever my SYN 12" percolator pisses on me (swallow water), it's because I hit it too hard... everytime.

    Take slower hits. That will help tremendously. Slow, manageable hits with percolator bongs. It's gonna still get you just as ripped... but it'll keep your lips dry.

    OR else start filling it with Kool Aid so everytime you take a hit and a drink you can be like OOOOOOHHH YEAAAAAHHH.:smoke:
  19. WTF? All your ice melts when you take one single hit? Try using cubes.

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