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  1. my bottom leaves are dieing and i believe it is because of a lack of nitrogen.. i am using green thumb potting soil. it doesnt tell me what in it or anything and the soil doesnt have a website. what do i need to do to the soil to make sure the plant is getting all the nutes and nitrogen it can get?

  2. Bottom leaves do tend to die before the rest of the plant. One reason is they get short of light, shaded by the top of the plant.

    But most of us do routinely add a liquid fertiliser. You can buy a general purpose fertiliser for the veg phase, which will contain N, P and K in roughly equal amounts, and trace elements - an important one is magnesium, vital for making chlorophyll.

    When flowering a fert higher in K is usually preferred, try one made for fruiting tomatoes.

    Whatever, read the list of contents.

    Good luck
  3. thanks man:D
  4. Fertilizing poor man style:

    1) Unzip fly

    2) Take aim

    3) Soil that baby, near the stem but not on it

    4) Water

    Basically the same thing, even corrects pH down to ~6, specially after a meal.
  5. Pissing in your plant does add nitrogen, but it also adds other substances you dont want in your soil such as amonia, acids, sodium, etc.

    I'm not ruling it out, lots of people do it.

  6. No, do NOT piss directly onto the soil around your plants. It is too strong. Urea is an excellent nitrogenous fert, widely used commercially, but urine contains salt, various acids and substances undesirable in this concentration. Dilute it 10 to 1.
  7. lol i was thinking about it for the longest time but i didnt wanna risk it. im going to piss in a cup or something and dilute it with water

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