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How To Act Normal While Stoned

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lord Haseo, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking weed for nearly 3 years and whenever I smoke some really dank weed I just start acting weird. For example I was smoking with a gilfriend I had a couple of months back and we smoked 3 doobies of sour deisel and when I was high I was whispering uncontrollably and what have you and as we went to leave I could barely walk (I almost fell over). Later that day we went to the mall and I was so stoned that I couldn't even start a conversation with her.

  2. Build up a tolerance i guess. But i think the simpler method is to just smoke less and not get as stoned at times when you shouldn't or don't want to be so high.
  3. Bucci got it right. Don't smoke as much, and start using your head man. 
  4. There's no way you can act normal. The herb is meant to make you act like a psycho. You can try and remain alone or with friends.
  5. What you were whispering about? Were you trying to give your girlfriend subliminal messages for sex? You should know that Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid so of course it will lead into a much more cerebral high, therefore giving less reception to reality (down to earth).
    You should manipulate the high instead of letting the high TAKE OVER YOU, and when you do--it would be a much more enjoyable experience. 
  6. idk dude over time you just get acustomed to being in that state of mind that you can just act normal
  7. I found that when I stopped giving a shit about if others knew I was high I stopped acting like a moron. Like when my mom used to call after a session I would freak out, then I kinda said "fuck it I couldn't care less" and everything was cool, I started acting like a sane person.
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  8. Like comedian Katt Williams said, "Weed has a chemical called FUCK IT!"
  9. Amen brother!  "Fuck it" is the modo of the StonerNation, myself included.
  10. This is correct however the way he reacts is the way he reacts even the smallest doses can cause extreme impairment of motor function and you enter into a different reality, it can be hard so some to control out in public.
  11. Don't let people know you're stoned an you'll be acting normal
  12. Iv also been trying to figure this out within the past few weeks. I would get baked and everyone would know that i was baked by the way I looked and acted.
    The way to make this not happen is to control yourself and not smoke a fuck load.

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  13. "If you don't want them to know your stoned, never let them see you when you're not!"
    Im pretty sure that quote is from this forum somewhere.
  14. Don't get totally stoned; just lightly pebbled. Use eyedrops & mints. For the love of god, keep quiet. Done.
  15. Use eyedrops for the redness and clear tape for your eyelids. Stick it to your forehead so it stops you from squinting. no one be able to tell youre high!
    That's a problem because I do want to smoke large amounts of dank and get really really high, but I want to be able to control it.
    She was asking me questions and I whispered the answers, but I cannot recall what questions she asked me. I was pretty up there.
  18. Get around your parents or the police it always makes me act normal around them.
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  19. #19 shaddytheman, Jun 8, 2013
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    Seems like you super-fried, I know the feeling when people ask me questions but it takes a while to comprehend them. You was just blasted into another galaxy, that's what Sativa does to you. 
    My parents let me smoke. I just want to control my high for whenever I'm smoking weed with my friends so I don't embarrass myself. :/

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