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    alright so i was bored and i dont really know how i started doing this but i find it interesting.

    alright take certain things you do for each day find out how much time you spend a day, multiply by 7 to get a week, 4x more for a month, 12xmore for a year and see the surprising number.

    example: if i play video games everyday for an hour, its 7 hours a week, 1day 4 hours a month, 336 hours a years which is 14 days a year. holy shit waste once added up.

    if you smoke like 12 cigs a day (some addicted smoke more) and lets say it takes 3 minutes for each one. its 36 minutes a day. 252minutes a week which is 4.2 hours a week. 16.8 hours a month. 201.6hours a year which is 8.4days a year.

    sleep 10 hours a day. 70 hours a week. 140days a year spent sleeping :O

    5 minutes a day put on socks on and of. 35 minutes a week. 140 minutes a month. 28 hours a year.

    so gc how do you feel about putting on socks for a day straight a year. try it on some of your own hobbies. now that you know how fast time adds up, enjoy it even more
  2. So...

    It takes you 5 minutes to put on socks, huh bigfoot?
  3. Trim my fingernails for 2 minutes every other day

    x3.5 = 7 minutes a week

    x52 = 365 minutes a year = 6 hours a year

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