How tight are you with your dealer?

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    How close are you and your "dude"?

    Not Close at all, bought from him once.

    pretty tight, bought from him a couple times, seems like a cool dude.

    have been buying from him 2-6 months, know him well.

    has been a friend for years and a dealer. (Dealer/Friends, so you guys are cool known him 1 year +)

    known them most your life.
  2. Should edit to include disp/clubs.

    Right now, I don't even have a dealer or a need for one. Although, if I had to get a bag I'd be calling a childhood friend, so pretty fucking close haha.
  3. Ive been buying off my guy (usually the same guy) for about a year,and we only make quick small talk and are on our way.

    That option isnt up there!
  4. Went to HS together... he was my friend, long before being my dealer.
  5. you didnt have my option

    hes just been a dealer to me
    but he went to my school
    my age, ive been buying from him for 3-4 years
    hes cool, always hooks me up, never tries to rip me off(i used to bring a scat, but now i know hes not gonna try; every once in a while ill weigh it out, to check up on him, and its always either above or on point) no bullshit, never late, tells me how long it is REALLY gonna take, tells me if anyone else is straight if he isnt

    i used to buy O's from him everyday for a year
    ive always brought him mad business, from me and my friends

    prolly why he doesnt rip me off
  6. All three of my main dealers were good friends of mine long before I even began smoking.
  7. Sorry my poll options suck, I tried to make just a few to just be in general how long you have known him/how tight you 2 may be.
  8. Known my weed hookup since 1st grade. Know my other stuff hookup (shrooms and such) since the 5th grade
  9. all these ppl who say their friends are dealers tho

    are they real dealers, or just middle men
    how consistent are they
    how long have they been dealin; if they are dealers
    middle men are different
    thats just someone who hooks up friends sometimes with their abundance of connects

    i can get alot of drugs

    and alot of my friends prolly call me their (everything else) dealer, altho i am not a dealer at all, i dont even take any money from them(unless its gas)
  10. dealers a dealer right? i don't care if i'm buying from the head honcho, i just wants my weed.

  11. yup, that's basically it, as long as you are giving a illegal drug for black market cash no matter the amount, you're considered a distrubuter/dealer, mildde man or not, that's still a dealer.
  12. My and my dealer been best of friends since grade 2 lol. Everytime he goes to get from his dealer he always gives me a heads up to let me know so he can get it for me too.
  13. I'm not too tight with my dealer now. I've bought off of him maybe 5 or 6 times and its always been great bud and how much he said he gave me so i like him. He lives only like 30 seconds from me so I'm pretty happy.
  14. We are pretty damn good friends id say. Known him for 8 years or so now..
  15. tighter than virgin pussy
  16. I met my dealer when i was in HS through my new stoner buddies when i first started

    he was actually alot younger than us liek two years younger in highschool

    but he became a hangout buddy/ dealer
    so i was always getting hooked up and getting smoked out

    so me and him WERE pretty tight
    not good friends but just smoking buddies with the rest of our buddies
  17. I'm close enough to get spotted a Half OZ and paid it back two day's later

  18. I smoke with him in-between pay necks for free. And I get extra
  19. I used to date my dealer in high school. She's still good friends with me, sometimes we go to the bar. She's more of a friend who happens to sell majorly good shit

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