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How Thorough Is An Officers Pat Down?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by New Jersey, May 21, 2013.

  1. I've never been pulled over while in the possession of any weed and I plan on keeping it that way but if i ever am. Couldn't i just hide it like around the family jewels? I mean they dont grope your sack haha

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    one time i was pulled and had about a quarter on me and i stuck it under my nuts and the plastic bag actually stuck there pretty good and they didn't find it, but they checked my belt line, made me shake my pants at the belt line and checked all pockets and searched my car (but to be fair, it was the same officer that had given me my possession charge on a different time, when he pulled me he called me by name)
  3. Mmmm... where do you want to be patted down ;) lol
  4. All I know is when they try to pull a drug test on me, I'mma be like "So what are you're favorite drugs to test?"
  5. "I don't consent to searches" "I also invoke the right to remain silent." Works every time.
    wherever a pat down is needed   ^_^
  7. Man, rule number one of police.. if they touch you in any way you're not happy GO FUCKING MENTAL. the threat of a sexual abuse lawsuit will scare 99% of them off.
    Over here in the UK, unless i'm told i'm being 'detained for a search' and unless they tell me exactly what object they're looking for (drugs, weapon etc) ANY contact they make on me is classed as assault.
  8. i know that when an officer patted me down (he was legally allowed to) and I had a canister (imagine two caps of two different bottles or something I guess stuck together, like a canister) with about .5 in it in a bag  the cop i'm pretty sure didn't feel it. He patted near the area and i don't remember feeling it press against me. He said he was searching mainly for weapons though so idk
  9. they cannot touch your male parts or female parts what have you, not the point but i usually tuck a few joints between my balls and theigh hey it words okay? to get in the concert put it in plastic wrap tho and for gods sake take a shower before :O
  10. Yeah you'd be good putting it in the crotch; never heard of someone actually getting felt up there; they save that for serious cavity searches i think
    another safe bet, but a little more risky since ive heard of it being searched, is the shoe. been searched at least 3 times by police and they've never asked me to take my shoes off
    usually its just a pat down of your pockets and anywhere a gun or weapon would obviously stick out of; none of the ones i've endured have been thorough whatsoever.
  11. I've gotten a hand down my ass one time being searched. Fuck the police.
  12. Man if you're feeling sketchy, under the nutsack is the way to go. I've gotten away with a half oz like that. Also when I was searched they didn't check my shoes or socks.
    Yeah if i have a small ten bag or whatever, just inside the sock behind the shoes tongue. I've seen them pat around the sides at the top but never like take the whole shoe off thing. 
    I normally carry whatever weed i have on my in the gap between the top of my boxers and the top of my jeans, then when i see something i dont like its just a casual brush down and they fall into my balls. 
  14. Spread your cheeks and lift your sac. Hope they don't find it because that is the next line they will be telling you

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