How they doing? Autos

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tez7475, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Ok this is my 2nd grow only doing the 3 autos blue cheese, northern lights and bubble kush

    2 have stayed small and the other one shot up

    Do they look ok?

  2. They look great only negative is all the leaf I would do some kind of lst to space out the bud sites a little

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  3. They look very healthy. Personally I would thin them out a bit.
  4. Look great. Which one is the blue cheese?
  5. Not sure yet I done them all together and seeds got mixed
  6. Is it the fan leaves I would cut off and can I do that on autos?
  7. Yes the fan leaves and yes you can do that with autos. I'm not suggesting total defoliation or doing it all at once - just thinning it out for better air flow. I remove leaves from my plants everyday almost.
  8. Ah ok thanks I'll do a bit tomorrow
  9. Looking good man ,interested to see how bubble kush turns out. What week would you remove fan leaves until? I have a 10 week auto hedge

    Outdoor Autos U.K.

    Outdoor Autos U.K.
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