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  1. Drugs can be used to overpower people in the name of war... The entire US government is pretty much the evil force that controls the world... all the religions smoke for bill gates or whoever they choose to get the most money... that person does drugs in the name of allah... therefor when you get high and believe in a god of religion or holy books it ends up allah, or bill gates. Theres a little more detail into this but the bottom line is your prayers are to the governments.. Love is a higher power and gods name. its a woman. The MJ is the nations gold standard and everything can be tracked if you know how to use the gold.
    I've been writing rap songs... lol

    Sick pussy ass subliminal nation... the Vietnam robotic soldier in all of us if we don't trust in the higher power of love.
  2. :confused: .... I don't follow
  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt?

    i've been praying to bill gates?

    i own a mac

    am i going to hell?
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    Yah bro... thats who they made me think god was when i took a lot of robo from meijer... it basically has to do with the most stocks they own it tends to go up to the person with the most money.... trust me... love gives great power... love answers. Music is the prayer. Music not in allah, but most of it is... you can feel the fucking pain of the world when you know who God really is.

    NEW SONG to prove that this same thing happened to me...


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